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MAUSER 7 x 57 - COMMERCIAL OBERNDORF TYPE A - TOTALLY ORIGINAL - EVERY SERIAL # MATCHES - THE BORE as NEW - NEVER DRILLED or TAPPED - 1912 - EVERY TYPE A FEATURE - 5 LEAF EXPRESS SIGHTS - Sold by Wilkinson, Pall Mall, London & so Marked - Inletting Inside Looks Like New - A Type A Best

Style: Caliber: Price:
Bolt Rifle 7 x 57 Mauser $6,700.00

#55483, Waffenfabrik Mauser Oberndorf a/n: A Commercial Mauser Sporter Type A 7 x 57 Mauser, Made in 1912, Built on an Intermediate action, 24" Barrel, Band front ramp with a sight protector, Barrel band sling eye, 5 leaf Type A express sights with 4 folding & 1 standing, Receiver ring marked "Waffenfabrik Mauser A-G Oberndorf a/n", Hinged floorplate with a trigger guard bow release, Standard trigger, Correct pear shaped bolt handle, The receiver ring and bridge were never drilled or tapped; Every serial number everywhere matches including the stock, receiver, barrel, bolt, extractor, bolt sleeve, safety catch, cocking piece, bolt stop release, magazine box and the floorplate, The action rails inside nicely polished, The Type A stock with very nice color and contrast, Cheekpiece, Bakelite type grip cap, Sling eye on the buttstock line, Horn forend tip, Point pattern checkering on the grip & forend, 14 3/4" LOP over the original horn buttplate with the Mauser WFM intertwined logo, 7 Lbs. 5 Oz., The internal inletting looks like the day it left the banks of the Neckar River, The absolute original blue on the barrel and receiver overall remains at 92-94%, The floorplate and trigger guard remain at 80% original, The original stock finish at 94%, The checkering is at 98%, The bore is excellent plus and almost looks new. This piece was originally sold by Wilkinson and the barrel is nicely engraved "Wilkinson, Pall Mall, London". I have no clue where this gun has been for the last 111 years, and I am most certain it never went on many hard hunting trips hunting and it was not shot a great deal. This is one neat Pre-WWI Type A with all the correct features of that era. I have had my share of Commercial Mauser Type A Sporters but very few that are as honest as this piece. This rifle was made when Paul von Mauser was still alive; he passed away May 29, 1913 and left an everlasting legacy with the Gewehr 98 system bolt action magazine rifle. No one has beaten him since and most likely no one ever will.

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