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GREENER 12 BORE 2 BARREL SET - HEAVY GAME GUN or BUILT as a PIGEON GUN - 30" & 26" EJECTOR BARRELS - EXCELLLENT BARRELS INSIDE & OUT - 7 Lbs. 15 Oz. With the 30" & 7 Lbs. 3 Oz. With the 26" - 2 3/4" - Great Wall Thickness on Both Sets of Barrels - 70% Engraving - 14 5/8" LOP - Nice Package

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Shotgun Side by Side 12 Bore $5,700.00

#51891, W. W. Greener, St. Mary's Square, Birmingham, England, Winner At The London Gun Trails 1875 to 1891: A 12 Bore 2 Barrel Set Boxlock Ejector Grade F.H. 30 that also was lettered as a Monarch Model, The piece was started June 20, 1903 and finished December 18, 1903 and was sent off to New York, It most likely was built as a live bird or Pigeon gun, The original set of barrels are 30" ejector at .733 .035 & .039" (Imp.Mod. & Full), 2 3/4" chambers with a 1 1/4 ounce proof, Great wall thickness with .035" on the right & .038" on the left: The second set of barrels were installed by William Cashmore in Birmingham, England for the Kirkwood Brothers on 23 Elm Street, in Boston, Mass. and so marked on the top of both barrels, The Kirkwood Bro's became agents for Cashmore in 1913 and these were installed after 1925 based on the correct Birmingham proof marks, A very nice set of 26" ejector barrels at .731 .024 & .031" (Mod. & Imp.Mod.), 2 3/4" chambers that were opened from 2 5/8" as proved, Wall thickness at .031" on both barrels, Rib extension with Greener's cross bolt, Double triggers, Side safety, Anson forend release, Splinter forend, Open half pistol grip stock at 14 5/8 x 1 5/8 x 2 7/8" over a horn buttplate, Slight cast-off for the right hand, 7 Lbs. 15 Oz. with the original 30" barrels & 7 Lbs. 3 Oz. with the 26" barrels, 70% coverage of scroll & game scene engraving, A pigeon or flyer engraved on the rib at the breech, The barrel blue on the 30" is redone with nice striking & remains at 95% in a satin finish, The 26" barrels with original blue and they remain at 80-82% with some surface blemishes, All 4 tubes remain bright & shiny, Both barrels with pronounced chime, 15% case colors remain, The wood with nice color & contrast that is still as solid as it was 109 years ago, I am sure the wood has original finish and remains at 88%, The checkering is at 96-97%, It is cased in a non-original trunk for both barrels but it is a well done and very versatile.

The Kirkwood Brothers set-up their shop in 1874 on 23 Elm Street, in Boston, Mass. The Kirkwood Gunshop lasted 99 years, when it was bought by Bob Smith Sporting Good Company in 1973. In 1913 they announced they were agents for William Cashmore and I have run into other Cashmore guns with the Kirkwood marking, including some in sidelock. William Cashmore started in Birmingham, England in 1847 and was still at 121 Steelhouse Lane in 1960.

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