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CHURCHILL 12 BORE PREMIERE ORIGINAL 2 BARREL SET SIDELOCK EJECTOR HIGHEST GRADE - 26" & 30' CHOPPER LUMP BARRELS - 99% ENGRAVING COVERAGE - Original Oak & Leather Trunk - Made in 1900 - Straight Stock at 14 3/4 with Nice Cast-Off - Excellent Plus Bores

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Shotgun Side by Side 12 Bore 2 Bbl. $16,000.00

#1143, E. J. Churchill Gun & Rifle Manufacturer, 8 Agar St., Strand, London W.C.: A Churchill Premiere Best Grade Bar Action Sidelock  
Ejector 12 Bore Original 2 Barrel Set Game Gun Model Premiere Made in 1900, The Premiere is their Highest Grade, 26" & 30" Original barrels; The 30" Chopper Lump Ejector barrels at .728 .008 & .025" (Imp. Cyl. & Imp. Mod.), Original 2 3/4" & London Proved at 1 1/4  
ounce, Wall thickness at .029" on both right & left; The 26" Chopper Lump Ejector barrels at  .734 .004 & .004" (Skt.I & Skt.I), 2 1/2" chambers & London Proved at 1 1/8 ounce, Wall thickness at .029" on the right barrel & .026" on the left: Double triggers, Splinter forend with an Anson release, Straight hand stock at 14 3/4 x 1 5/8 x 2 5/8" over a 3/4" leather pad with plugs for removal, Cast-Off for the right hand, 6 lbs. 9 oz. with the 26" barrels & 7 lbs. with the 30" barrels, Very nice wood that remains very solid inside & out, 99% coverage of Premiere Grade period fine scroll engraving, The piece retains 85% original case colors, The 26" barrels with 85% blue & I believe reblacked a long time ago, The 30" barrels with 95% blue and again reblacked a long time ago, The stock re-oiled and remains at 90%, The checkering is at 80%, The barrels inside & out remain in excellent plus condition without a ding or pit to be had, It is cased in the original maker's brass cornered oak & leather trunk for both barrels with the original trade label plus a nice compliment of accessories. This is an excellent value for a very nice English Sidelock Best Grade 12 bore made with 2 barrels and it has excellent dimensions and comes to the hand with ease and great balance.  
E. J. (Edwin John) Churchill set up shop in 1891 at 8 Agar St. Strand, London. They moved to Leicester Square in 1925 and then to Orange Street in 1934 in Leicester Square; E. J. Churchill died in 1910 & Robert Churchill died in 1958. In 1960 Atkin, Grant & Lang were operating on 7 Bury Street and by 1971 the firm was operating as Churchill, Atkin, Grant & Lang at 7 Bury Street and in 1976 the business was moved to 61 Pall Mall, St James's. E.J. Churchill Gunmakers restarted in 1985 by Mr. Don Masters, and to this day is on the West Wycombe Estate and have been there since the late 1980s. You can check out their offerings at

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