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DALY, CHARLES 28 BORE - LINDNER PRUSSIAN MADE PIECE - 24" EXTRACTOR KRUPP STEEL BARRELS - ONLY 4 Lbs. 8 Oz. - EXCELLENT WOOD - EXCELLENT BARRELS INSIDE & OUT - 2 3/4" Chambers - Cyl. & Open Mod. - Straight English Stock - Very Stout Wood - Made About 1904 - Marked Prussia & HAL

Style: Caliber: Price:
Shotgun Side by Side 28 Bore $8,500.00

#1296, Charles Daly Prussian 28 Bore Made by Lindner (Heinrich August Lindner) about 1904, Built on a 28-bore frame size, I believe it is a Model 185, Anson and Deeley Designed Action, 24" Extractor Dovetail Lump Krupp Fluid Steel Barrels with a Dolls Head Rib Extension, Ivory front bead, .550 .000 & .009" (Cyl. & Open Mod.), 2 3/4" Chambers and so marked, Correct bore size at proof with the proper Untersuchungsstempel inspection mark, Both barrels with the proper HAL Lindner stamp, Intercepting safety sears, Double triggers, Cocking indicators, Scalloped action back, Carved frame and carved standing breech, Auto safety, Splinter forend with a Deeley & Edge pull-down release, Horn inletted tip at the front of the forend, Every serial number matches everywhere, Straight hand stock at 13 5/16 x 1 1/2 x 2 9/16" over a horn buttplate; Completely save the horn buttplate, fit a 1" pad to the stock curve and it will have a LOP of 14 1/8", Excellent wood with very nice black/brown contrast, The wood remains as solid as the day it was inletted, The neat 28 bore weight at 4 lbs. 8 oz. on a true 28 bore size frame, 25% coverage of typical Germanic scroll, An honest patina on the frame that was never brushed, There is no primer burn at the striker holes, It absolutely appears that the barrels were never reblacked and they remain at 90%, The wood is at 85%, The checkering with a fairly neat border is 95%, The barrels inside and out are excellent and totally free of any pits, The striking on the outside of the barrels is near perfect and they ring with a nice chime. This little pup is all there and all nice. This is a very unusual Lindner Daly in a true size 28 bore built for a woman or youth but with a 1" pad fitted without alteration it will fit in any man cave anywhere. There are a fair number of Lindner guns in 10, 12, 16 & 20 but go find another 28 bore.

In 1865 Charles Daly formed the famous sporting goods business named Schoverling & Daly in New York City and later became Schoverling, Daly & Gales in 1873. For many years they sold only the finest quality sporting arms. Then in 1910 Henry Modell bought the firm and sold it to the Walzer Family in the 1920's, they owned Sloan's Sporting Goods in Ridgefield, Conn. but kept Charles Daly & Co. in New York. In 1976, Sloan's sold the Charles Daly trademark to Outdoor Sports Headquarters Inc. in Dayton, Ohio. This turn of the century piece most likely was a Schoverling, Daly & Gales import, and it has lived a very sheltered life on these shores and remains a very nice example of early 1900's quality. Linder made quality guns to about 1916 and it is believed no more of his guns were made after WWI. This Lindner Daly was about $150 retail at the time it was imported.

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