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BELGIUM 12 BORE SIDELOCK EJECTOR QUALITY GAME GUN - 28 1/2" CHOPPER LUMP BARRELS - THIRD BITE - SIDE CLIPS - EASY OPENER - BOLSTERED FRAME - Excellent Stock Dimensions with Excellent Cast-Off - 14 3/8" LOP - 6 Lbs. 8 Oz. - Tight as a Tick - Points Great

Style: Caliber: Price:
Shotgun Side by Side 12 Bore $2,950.00

#6908, A Pre-War Belgium High Quality 12 Bore SxS Back Action Sidelock Ejector with 28 1/2" Ejector Vickers Steel Chopper Lump barrels with a rib extension hidden third bite, Assist spring actuated easy opening, .731 .013 & .044" (Skt.II & Full), 2 3/4" chambers, Wall thickness on the right barrel at .026" & the left .027", Bolstered frame, Side clips, Bushed strikers, Double triggers with the front articulated, Splinter forend with a frontal Anson release, Straight hand stock at 14 3/8 x 1 9/16 x 2 5/8" over a 1 1/8" pad, Excellent cast-off for the right hand, 6 lbs. 8 oz., Fairly decent wood, Border engraving with deep relief on the bolsters and the standing breech, The barrels reblacked & now at 94%, Fresh case colors some time ago and now remain at 95%, The wood has been reoiled and remains at 98%, The checkering is at 100%, There is a very very slight piece of wood missing at the forend edge near the front. The bores are excellent with some light scattered pits that are not problematic, it is smack on the face, tight as a tick and the barrels have a very nice chime. The gun was made by a quality but unknown maker from the Guild of numerous Belgium makers.

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