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AYA 12 BORE 2 BARREL SET BEST MODEL 52 SIDELOCK - SUPERB ENGRAVING - MADE in 1947 - BOTH BARRELS 27 3/4" CHOPPER LUMP THIRD BITE - ALL ORIGINAL BORES & CHOKES as PROVED - H&H Style Assist Opening - Nice Wood - Straight Stock at 14 13/16" LOP - 7 Lbs. 3 Oz. - 100% Coverage of Great Engraving - Cased in Leather

Style: Caliber: Price:
Shotgun Side by Side 12 Bore $6,400.00

#9853, 12 Bore 2 Barrel Set AYA-Aguirre & Aranzabal-Made in Spain: A Super Engraved Model 52 Assist Opening Bar Action Sidelock Ejector 12 Bore Made in 1947, Both barrels are 27 3/4" Nickel-Chrome Chopper Lump barrels with a Hidden Third Bite, Hand detachable sidelocks with a hidden release, Gold plated internals on the locks, The original set of barrels at .725 .000 & .023" (Cyl. & Slightly Open Imp.Mod), Original 2 3/4", Wall thickness on both barrels at .034", 1,440 KG weight barrels, Original bores and chokes as proofed; THEN in 1955 the AYA Factory installed another set of barrels at .727 .031" & .049" (Tight Imp.Mod. & Extra Full), Original 2 3/4", Wall thickness on the right barrel at .031" and .035" on the left barrel, 1,390 KG weight barrels, Original bores and chokes as proofed, Double triggers with the front articulated, Rolled trigger guard edge for the right hand, Splinter forend with a frontal Anson release, Straight hand stock at 14 13/16 x 1 9/16 x 2 1/8" over a 1" pad, Neutral stock for the right or left hand, 7 lbs. 4 oz. with the original barrels and 7 lbs. 2 oz. with the 1955 barrels, Very nice wood with nice black/brown contrast, The butt matches the forend well; 100% engraving coverage of very fine scroll, roses, floral and ribbons, This is very well cut engraving with excellent detail that is seldom seen on a Spanish gun, This engraving doesn't take a back seat to most of the best guns coming out of England or Europe, The barrel blue on both at 99%, The frame finish at 96%, The stock finish at 92%, The checkering at 96-97%, The bores on both barrel sets are excellent, Both set of barrels are smack on the face, This piece points great with these stock dimensions. A Slight Crack on the Forend Repaired by English Gunmaker Jack Rowe. The whole is cased in a metal cornered Spanish trunk case.

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