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BOSS & Co. 12 BORE - EXHIBITION WOOD - 85% ORIGINAL CASE COLORS on BOTH LOCKPLATES - BOSS SINGLE TRIGGER - BOSS FULL COVERAGE ENGRAVING by SUMNER - 30" CHOPPER LUMP BARRELS - 1914 - 6 Lbs. 9 Oz. - Splinter - Straight Hand at 15 11/16" LOP - Excellent Plus Barrels Inside & Out - Edwin Chilton Locks in Excellent Condition

Style: Caliber: Price:
Shotgun Side by Side 12 Bore $22,500.00

#6324, Boss & Co., 13 Dover Street. Piccadilly. London. W.: A Boss 12 Bore Bar Action Sidelock Ejector Game Gun Made in 1914, 30" Chopper Lump barrels at .731 & .008 & .012" (Imp.Cyl. & Tight Imp.Cyl.) 2 3/4" chambers, London 1 1/8 ounce proof, Wall thickness on the right at .026" & the left at .025", The famous John Robertson Boss patent single non-selective trigger, This trigger is patent #11278 of May 30, 1905 which is the final & best real improvement of his trigger, This piece has the very unusual bead carved around the front of the locks, Not seen on many Boss guns, Splinter forend with a frontal Anson release, Straight hand stock at 15 11/16 x 1 1/2 x 2 1/2" over a checkered butt, Slight cast-off for the right hand, Rolled trigger guard edge for the right hand, It has a piece of wood that stands as an exhibition piece, Great game gun weight at 6 Lbs. 9 Oz., 98% coverage of very fine Boss rose & scroll engraving cut by Mr. Jack G. Sumner, The locks by E. Chilton & Son with both remaining in excellent condition, The barrel striking is perfect, 99% barrel blue, It retains 85% absolute original case colors on both lock plates and 15% on the frame bottom, The stock and forend are at 98%, The checkering is at 100%, The barrels inside & out are excellent plus & totally free of any pits, The barrels ring with a perfect chime, The barrels are smack on the face with excellent bite remaining. This is the #2 gun originally built as a pair. It comes to the hand with ease and points like a dream. This piece comes from the Golden Era of Best English guns with most of the Robertson family's influence on this very piece.

Mr. William Boss began his Gunmakers apprenticeship in 1773. He worked under Joseph Manton, a leading gunmaker of the time who employed only top-rate journeymen, of whom William Boss was considered one. During this period, Boss had three sons, who in time would follow in his footsteps and each be apprenticed to their father. Thomas Boss established his reputation as a top gunmaker. Thomas Boss worked for Joseph Manton, one of the greatest Gunmakers of that period, before leaving and starting Boss & Co. in 1812. When Thomas Boss died, the company was acquired in 1891 by John Robertson. John Robertson was responsible for two of the greatest creations by the firm; in 1909 the Boss low profile Over and Under shot gun, and in 1894 the Boss single trigger which was one of the first truly reliable single triggers to be made anywhere. Boss & Co. have produced guns of the highest quality for over 200 years. Today, their guns are still built in London, to those same lofty standards, by skilled craftsmen using the methods honed by their predecessors. Check them out at

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