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ITHACA 4E 12 BORE NID - TOTALLY ORIGINAL & REMAINS at 96% CONDITION - FINISHED OCTOBER 16, 1946 - 98% ORIGINAL CASE COLORS - SINGLE SELECTIVE TRIGGER - 26" Ejector Barrels - Bores as New - 97% Barrel Blue - Very Nice Wood That Remains at 95% - Sold to Blish, Mize & Silliman Hardware in Atchison, Kansas & Still in Business Today

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Shotgun Side by Side 12 Bore $6,950.00

#467651, Ithaca Gun Co. Inc. Ithaca N. Y. U.S.A. - A Super High Condition and Original 4E SxS 12 Bore NID (New Ithaca Double), Completely Original and it remains to this day in 96% original condition with 98% original case colors, It was made April 2, 1941, and then "Taken Out For High Grades" as lettered. It hung around until February 18, 1946 and went to become a High Grade 4E. Also, production of all double guns stopped in June of 1942 as the entire plant was devoted to the war effort. Then starting on April 5, 1946, it went to a Machinist, a Stocker, to Polish, to the Engraver and then to Assembly on October 16, 1946. It was then sold to Blish, Mize & Silliman Hardware Co. in Atchison, Kansas and they are still in business to this day. It is with 26" Ejector steel barrels with their rotary bolt rib extension crossbolt and third bite and marked Best Fluid Steel, Correct double Ivory beads on a machine matted flat rib, .735 .004 & .026" (Imp.Cyl. & Mod.), The flats are stamped 1 & 2 which is Ithaca's mark for I.C. & M, 2 3/4" chambers and so marked, The barrels were proofed by Charles Fox with his mark on each barrel flat, Single selective trigger, The correct safety with R-S-L at the safety slide to select the right barrel going forward from S or rearward from S to select the left barrel, Beavertail forend with the correct Ebony tip at the front, A pull down Deeley & Edge forend release, Pistol grip stock at 14 1/8 x 1 1/2 x 2 1/2" over the correct Ithaca Gun Co. pad with their logo, 7 lbs. 13 oz., Very nice Grade 4E feather crouch American Black Walnut stock, Correct Grade 4 Fleur-De-Lis checkering, Grip cap, Vacant stock oval, 75% Grade 4 engraving and it has all the trappings of being done by Mr. Bill McGraw, He was with Ithaca for 61 years and started full time in the engraving department at the age of 17, This is a totally original gun with 97% bluing remaining on the barrels, 98% original case colors remain, The breech face retains 98% of its case colors, The entire trigger guard retains 99% blue, The wood both fore and aft is as solid as it was 77 years ago and overall is still at 95% original finish, The checkering remains at 99%, The bores are excellent plus and the barrels are in superb shape inside and out, The bores and chambers look like they did 77 years ago. All serial numbers match including the forend metal, it is smack on the face and remains tight. Here is a Grade 4E that remains in excellent original condition, it would be difficult to find a better 4E. It most likely sold for $342.16 which included Ivory sights front & rear, recoil pad, Beavertail forend and the single selective trigger. There were approximately 560 NID guns made in Grade 4 of all gauges.

The last Model of the Ithaca Double was introduced on January 1, 1926, The New Ithaca Double (NID); was known then as the New Ithaca. The company stated, "Everything on this 1926 Ithaca from the muzzle to the butt plate is new". It included a new safety being used, cocking indicators, the rotary bolt, cocking rods and a coil main spring. In 1935 Ithaca quit offering cocking indicators. The NID was the strongest & most refined of all the Ithaca double guns. The 4E with Ejectors in 1946 was $250, Ivory sights front & rear were $1.66, Ithaca soft recoil pad was $5.50, SST was $45 and the Beavertail forend was $40. There were approximately 560 NID guns made in Grade 4 of all gauges. Seasoned employees had stated that an Ithaca double was 75% hand work and 25% machine work. The NID was introduced in 9 grades from the Field Grade to the famous Sousa Grade.

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