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EVANS 20 BORE PARADOX (BALL & SHOT) SIDELOCK - SUPERB ORIGINAL CONDITION - 95% ORIGINAL CASE COLORS - EXCELLENT PLUS BORES - ORIGINAL CASE - TOTAL LOADING INFORMATION PROVIDED - Lived it's Entire Life in America - 28 1/8" Barrels - Points Like a Dream for Bird or Game at 15 x 1 7/8 x 2 3/4" - Original Case - This is Nice Stuff

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Shotgun Side by Side 20 Bore Paradox $19,500.00

#8974, William Evans (From Purdey's) 63 Pall Mall, St. James's, London: - 20 Bore "Ball & Shot" "Paradox" Fosbery Patent: An Evans Bar Action Sidelock Extractor 20 Bore Paradox Game Gun, Made in 1908 for Commander Marion Epply, Nitro Proved in London to 7/8 ounce shot with original 2 3/4" chambers and the proper 20 LC (2 3/4") proof marks, 28 1/8" extractor dovetail lump steel barrels with a screw grip dolls head plus third bite rib extension, Each barrel with 2" ratchet rifled chokes, Slight raised 1/4 rib and 2 folding leaf sights, Bushed strikers that are totally free of any primer burn, Double triggers .630" bore size .031" and .038" constriction at the Paradox rifled chokes, Wall thickness on the right barrel at .046" and .045" on the left, Original 2 3/4" chambers, Auto top tang safety, Anson frontal forend release, Half grip stock at 15 x 1 7/8 x 2 3/4" over a 1" Silvers pad with plugs for removal, With these dimensions it points perfectly for ball or shot, Neutral stock with a thin top stock line which enhances the point ability of this piece, 7lbs. on a true 20 bore frame, A very nice piece of wood that matches the forend perfectly, Engraved steel grip cap, 15% coverage of border engraving, Sling swivels, This is flat out an exceptional gun with outstanding condition remaining, The barrel blue remains at 92%, The absolute original case colors are at 95%, The wood remains at 92%, The checkering is at 98%, The trigger guard and toplever have 96% original blue, The bores and chambers remain excellent plus and totally free of any pits, It is smack on the face. It is cased in the original leather brass cornered trunk with a period label. It is a total field proven gun on both bird and game and the owner said it works great on doves and pheasant. It shoots a 530-grain bullet and every detail step by step to load the cartridges will be provided to make it a fun gun for fir or feather. This gun remains in very stout excellent condition as it lived a life in the U. S. and not in the jungles of India where many English sporting guns got the hell beat out of them. Granted its life was America but this is dreams of tigers, ships, and palaces, fine spices and women and silk.

Commander Marion Epply U. S. N. R. F. of Oyster Bay, New York was born June 19, 1883, in West Orange, New Jersey. During WW I, Eppley was a lieutenant commander in the U.S. Navy and after the war became a naval reserve officer. In 1941 he was recalled to active duty as a captain. In 1917 he established the Eppley Laboratory in Newport, Rhode Island to produce precise calibration of electrical instruments. His research dealt with improvements in cadmium storage batteries, as well as thermal radiation instrumentation. In 1947 he established the Eppley Foundation for Research, and his will created a charitable trust to support the Foundation and the Marion Eppley Wildlife Refuge. For his service in WW II, he was awarded the Legion of Merit. He was elected a Fellow of the American Institute of Chemists, the American Physical Society, the New York Academy of Sciences, and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. He Died November 22, 1960, and is buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

Colonel Fosbery's patent #7568 of June 20, 1885, was intended to make a gun capable of being fired either with shot, ball, or conical bullet. Holland & Holland gave the rifled chokebore its name, "Paradox". Back in the day, Paradox meant "That which is contrary to received opinion; strange, but true". H&H wanted 100-yard performance that duplicated the Express rifle at that time, and still have a gun that gave very good shot patterns. The Paradox will pattern from cylinder to improved cylinder chokes. H&H built a total of 1,463 Paradox guns, I am certain William Evans London shop built few.

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