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BLAND 297/250 TOTALLY ORIGINAL ROOK RIFLE - NICE ORIGINAL CONDITION - FRESH AMMO with LOAD DATA - ACCURATE - FULLY RIFLED - EJECTOR OCTAGON BARREL - Sidelever - 5 Lbs. 7 Oz. - 14 3/8" LOP - Lyman Peep Sight - 27" Ejector Barrel - Neat Little Rifle

Style: Caliber: Price:
Single Shot Rifle 297/250 Rook $3,900.00

#15614, T. (Thomas) Bland & Sons, 430 West Strand, London: A Thomas Bland & Sons 297/250 Sidelever Break Open Rook Rifle with Fresh Ammunition, This piece remains totally original, Made in 1900, 27" Ejector Full Octagon barrel, Full rifling and not a semi-smoothbore seen on most Holland & Holland Rook Rifles, 1 standing & 1 folding rear sights that are platinum lined, Serrated barrel flat on the top flat, A fold up Lyman peep sight that has been there forever, Rebounding hammer, Nice trigger let-off, The top of the sidelever is checkered, Snap forend release, Horn forend tip, Pistol grip stock with a near full length bottom tang, 14 3/8" LOP over a checkered butt, The neat weight of 5 lbs. 7 oz., It has 30% coverage of period scroll engraving, The original & honest barrel blue remains at 85%, The barrel striking is excellent, This piece has 40% original case colors remaining, The breech face is excellent and totally free of any primer burn at the striker hole, The original stock finish is at 80% with light scattered handling marks, It was never refinished, The original checkering is sharp and remains at 94%, The bore and chamber are absolutely very good and shiny, The rifling is sharp and square from throat to muzzle but there is scattered pitting but it is very accurate, The inletting is excellent, All the screws remain in very good condition. It comes with 18 loaded cartridges and 2 extra cases. This piece is very accurate, and the loads are made with 22 Hornet cases, a 56-grain cast .251" bullet, 2 grains of Unique powder and a small magnum pistol primer with an overall length of 1.175". Buffalo Arms will make cases for this fun cartridge. It will perform with excellent accuracy.

Thomas Bland & Sons were founded in 1840 in Birmingham and expanded to 106 Strand in London in 1872. In 1901 they moved to 2 King William Street, Strand in London. This durable firm remained in business all these years, an incredible run from muzzle loaders to modern sporting guns. Thomas Bland & Sons Gunmakers Ltd. is to this day a viable firm, registered both in the UK and the USA and can be found on this side of the pond at

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