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HENRY, ALEXANDER 450 3 1/4" BPE HAMMER SPORTING FALLING BLOCK - THE BORE is ABSOLUTELY as NEW - PLAIN GRADE WITHOUT ENGRAVING - CLASSIC HENRY - 29 1/2" STEEL BARREL - Complete and Accurate Total Refinish - Very Solid Wood - Right Side Lock - Rear Bolted Lock/Safety - 14 5/16" LOP - 7 Lbs. 9 Oz.

Style: Caliber: Price:
Single Shot Rifle 450 3 1/4" BPE $6,750.00

Alex Henry London & Edinburgh: 450 3 1/4" Black Powder Express by Alexander Henry with a Bore That Looks Like New, A Plain Grade Rifle, A Rear Bolted Right Hand Lock Sporting Model Single Shot with Alexander Henry's Hammer Falling Block Action, It has hammer action patent #2206, 29 1/2" Steel barrel with Henry Rifling, Island rear sight base with 1 standing and 1 folding sight with platinum lined blades, Island base for the front sight, It has a right hand lock, Stepped lockplate, It has the later style/type of lock attachment, The hammer with a rear bolted lock/safety for use at the half cock notch, Dolphin style hammer, Straight hand stock, 14 5/16" LOP over a steel buttplate, Great weight at 7 lbs. 9 oz., A nice piece of wood with a lot of fiddleback, The forend with a round cross pin fastener, This Classic remains very solid, It remains at 98-99% condition after a complete and total refinish that was very well done. The beauty of this Classic is a bore that remains in excellent plus condition and looks brand new from throat to muzzle.

Guns themselves are fairly robust; their chief enemies are rust and politicians.

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