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FN MAUSER 8x60S Mauser - BELGIUM DELUXE SPORTER - FACTORY ENGRAVED - LATE 1950'S - ALL FN - Unusual Full Length Factory Mannlicher Style Stock - 24" Chrome Vanadium Barrel - Island Rear Sight - 13 7/8" LOP

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Bolt Rifle 8x60S Mauser $2,195.00

#31361, FN (Fabrique Nationale) Fab. Nat. D'Armes De Guerre Herstal-Belgique; Belgium: A very unusual FN Mauser Deluxe with a full length Mannlicher style stock Made in the 1950's that is Factory Engraved with a Claw Extractor made prior to the Browning Bolt Rifles. This piece is a 8x60S Mauser with a 24" Chrome Vanadium Steel barrel with a hooded front sight ramp and with their sleeved (It fits so well it looks integral) on island sight with 1 standing & 2 folding, Mid-barrel band with a forend tiedown screw just ahead of the sling eye, Steel forend cap, FN logo on the receiver ring, Bolt Sleeve safety set up for scope use, A post factory Echo side mount installed at one time, Does not have the flat bolt knob and remains round, Non-hinged floorplate with factory engraving with about 40% coverage on the floorplate only, Cross bolt at the front recoil lug, Synthetic grip cap, Cheekpiece, Wrap around checkering with a border, Sling eyes, 13 7/8" LOP over the FN logo buttplate, 8 lbs. This gun retains 98% factory blue, the stock is about 98-99% with very slight handling marks, the checkering is at 100% and the bore is as new. The heat blue on the bolt stop release and trigger is still at 98%. Here is a very unusual FN Deluxe Sporter with a full-length stock in a neat cartridge that will take care of nearly all North American game. This piece comes with RCBS dies, RWS cases and some bullets.

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