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DAKOTA 375 H&H AFRICAN GRADE - REMAINS in EXCELLENT CONDITION - VERY NICE ENGLISH WALNUT - 1/4 RIB - DOUBLE CROSS BOLTS - 24" Barrel - Talley Scope Bases - 14 1/8" LOP - 9 Lbs. 6 Oz. - Belly Magazine Box - Ebony Forend Tip - Barrel Band Sling Eye - Satin Blue

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Bolt Rifle 375 H&H $5,975.00

#2870, Dakota African Grade in 375 H&H, 24" Barrel with their 1/4 Rib with a Standing fixed sight & 1 folding sight, Band front ramp with a fold up night sight, Lock on sight hood, Barrel band swivel, Belly magazine box with a hinged straddle floorplate with a center bow release, Talley scope mounts, 3 position M-70 wing safety, All metal is satin blue, 14 1/8" LOP over a 1" pad plus a 3/8" spacer, 9 lbs. 6 oz., Ebony forend tip, Point pattern checkering, Shadowline cheekpiece, Double screw sling eye on the back on the stock plus the barrel band sling eye, Steel grip cap, Double cross bolts, Very nice wood with nice color & contrast, The satin blue remains at 98%, The original stock is 94%, The checkering at 100%. The bore is as new; this gun was re-barreled in our shop as it originally came with a Magna-Port muzzle brake that has a tendency of starting grass fires. This will go to work and already has done an excellent job.

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