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HAUGH, JACK - 416 HAUGH - SINGLE SQUARE MAGNUM MAUSER ACTION - OUTSTANDING ENGRAVING - OAK & LEATHER CASE - GREAT WORKMANSHIP - QD Lever Release Mounts - Heavy Duty Magazine Box - Canjar Trigger - A Pure Classic Haugh Stock - Top Drawer Inside & Out

Style: Caliber: Price:
Bolt Rifle 416 Haugh $17,900.00

#1957, J. Haugh & Son - Milan, Ind.: A Complete and Total Jack Haugh Custom 416 Haugh (404 Jeffery Necked Down to .416), Made with a Single Square Bridge Mauser Action about 1986, 25" barrel, Band island rear sight with 1 fixed & 2 folding rear sights with a gold sight line plus they are matted, Barrel sling eye, Band front ramp with a fold up night sight plus an engraved sight protector, Lever quick detachable lever release 1" engraved scope rings, Leupold 3 X scope, Canjar trigger, 3-position wing safety, Heavy duty belly magazine with a straddle hinged floorplate with a center bow release that has a lot of very fine engraving, Carved rolled trigger bow on the right side, 4 panel teardrop bolt knob checkering with superb engraving, Double crossbolts in the proper area, A pure & superb Jack Haugh classic stock using a nice piece of  Walnut that has the proper lay-out for big bore strength, European style cheekpiece with a shadowline, Wrap around point pattern checkering with a carved border, Ebony forend tip, 2 screw tiedown rear sling eye, Engraved trapdoor steel grip cap, Proper big bore weight of 9 lbs. 2 oz. without the scope & 9 lbs. 14 oz. with it installed, 14 1/4" LOP over a 7/8" leather pad with plugs so it can be removed; 75% coverage of superb fine scroll engraving on the action plus the grip cap, scope rings, barrel cylinder, bolt knob, trigger guard bow and the sight hood, The bore is new, We have ammo coming for the piece. The rifle remains in 98% condition since finished and based on my knowledge of this piece since it was built, I don't believe it ever went hunting. The overall fit, finish, handling and proper dimensions are superb in every respect. This serious bolt rifle looks like a real Big Bore and certainly feels like a big bore.

I have seen my share of fine American custom bolt rifles; Jack Haugh is in class with the brightest and best. There is a book titled: Jack T. Haugh - Fit & Finish to the Highest Degree. He has made a name for himself as a builder of fine muzzleloading firearms, exclusive cartridge rifles, and as a restoration artist of fine European firearms. At the 2007 annual meeting of the Contemporary Longrifle Association held in Lexington, Kentucky, Jack was recognized as one of the forerunners of the contemporary movement and was bestowed with the coveted CLA Distinguished Service Award. Ask any person involved with the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association about Jack Haugh. Mr. Haugh is one of the best in America to ever lay hands on both muzzleloading and cartridge guns.

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