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BSA 300 SHERWOOD - MADE in 1934 - AVERY UNUSUAL REPEATER SPORTING RIFLE with SOLID BOTTOM METAL & a ONE PIECE STOCK - EXCELLENT BORE - 5 Lbs. 10 Oz. - 25" Barrel - 13 1/4" LOP - Machined Integral Front Sight Base & Barrel Sling Eye - Proved at 7 Cordite & a 140 Grain Bullet

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Bolt Rifle 300 Sherwood $1,795.00

#8157, BSA 300 Sherwood Bolt Action Magazine Rifle (The Birmingham Small Arms Co. Ltd.), Made 1934, A very unusual little repeater that is a sporting rifle with some trappings of a Lee-Speed and maintains the basic mechanics of the Lee without the detachable magazine. It has a 4-5 cartridge magazine box with solid bottom metal and a 1 piece stock, 25" Jessops Fluid Pressed Steel barrel, 1 standing & 2 folding rear sights, A machined integral front sight base, A machined integral barrel forward sling eye, The receiver was never drilled or tapped, A up/down wing safety on the right side of the cocking piece, A 1 piece trigger guard integral with the bottom metal, Birmingham proved at 7 cordite with a 140 grain bullet, The serial numbers match on the barrel and action, The barrel marked "Cartridge 300 Extra Long" which is the 300 Sherwood, 13 1/4" lop over a partial checkered butt, 5 Lbs. 10 oz., The original barrel & receiver blue remains at 88-90%, The trigger guard & bottom metal blue remains at 85%, The stock with original finish remains at 80% but is as solid as it was in 1934, The bore is excellent and almost excellent plus. This piece has been shot by a very advanced rifleman and all the loading, components and loading die information will be furnished with the gun. I presume very few of these were made as I had no luck finding any information relative the style and features this piece has.

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