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GRIFFIN & HOWE 222 REMINGTON on a SAKO RIIHIMAKI L46 BARRELED ACTION - MADE ABOUT 1957 - G&H SIDE MOUNT with a ZEISS 3 x 9 - CANJAR TRIGGER - Bore as New - Classic G&H Stock - Wrap Around Checkering - 14 3/4" LOP - 7 Lbs. 12 Oz. & 9 Lbs. with the Scope - Nice Rifle

Style: Caliber: Price:
Bolt Rifle 222 Rem. $5,750.00

#2240, Griffin & Howe Inc., New York: A 222 Remington G&H Sporter Built on a Sako Riihimaki L46 Barreled Action, Made About 1957, 23 1/2" barrel, No rear sight, Matted barrel band front ramp with a sight protector, G&H side mount that is installed exactly like G&H did them with blind screws inside the rail, Mounted with a Zeiss 3-9 x 36 scope, Full wrap around bolt knob checkering, Fully adjustable Canjar trigger with a set shoe, Right side Riihimaki safety on the bolt shroud, Jeweled bolt and follower; Matted dovetails on the breech, receiver ring, bolt shroud and front ramp, Riihimaki bottom metal with a detachable magazine box, Classic G&H stock with a ebony forend tip, Wrap around point pattern checkering, Steel grip cap, Shadowline cheekpiece, Sling eyes on the stock, Nickel silver escutcheon with the initials A. H., 14 3/4" LOP over a fully checkered Neidner steel buttplate, 7 lbs. 12 oz. and 9 lbs. even with the scope installed, The internal inletting is very accurate and very well cut with full attention to detail, It has the initials E. R. penciled inside, Nice piece of wood with the typical G&H color and finish, The original blue on the barreled action is 98%, The bottom metal is 85% blue The original stock finish at 95%, The checkering is 100%, The bore is as new. This is a neat Sporting Rifle on the desirable Sako Riihimaki action with the usual nice touch of Griffin & Howe.

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