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AMERICAN HUNTING RIFLES (AHR) 450 RIGBY MAGNUM - MODEL SAFARI 550 DGR - CZ 550 MAGNUM DOUBLE SQUARE BRIDGE ACTION - SWAROVSKI 1 x 6 - Talley Lever QD 30mm Rings - Open Sights - Excellent AHR Trigger - Nice Wood - Classic Style Stock - Removable Muzzle Brake - Built Tough

Style: Caliber: Price:
Bolt Rifle 450 Rigby $5,700.00

#A060114, American Hunting Rifles (AHR) from Corvallis, Mt., 450 Rigby, Model Safari 550 DGR (Dangerous Game Rifle), Built on the CZ 550 Magnum double square bridge action, Claw extractor, 22 1/4" barrel, 23 5/8" with AHR installed removable muzzle brake, The threaded muzzle has a cap, Island rear sight base with 1 standing & 1 folding rear sights, Barrel band sling eye, Barrel band front ramp with a spring-lock sight protector, Talley lever quick detachable 30mm rings, Mounted with a Swarovski Z6i 1-6 x 24 scope with their illuminated reticle, AHR single stage trigger that has a very nice let-off, Hinged floorplate with a frontal bow release, Belly magazine, 3 position Model 70 type wing safety on the bolt shroud done by AHR, Double steel crossbolts, Classic style stock with fleur-de-lis checkering with a ribbon, Shadowline cheekpiece, Ebony grip cap, Ebony forend tip, A nice piece of English Walnut, 13 7/8" LOP over a 7/8" decelerator pad, 10 lbs. 6 oz. without the Swarovski and 11 Lbs. 12 oz. with it mounted; AHR blueprints the receiver, trues the front of the receiver for proper barrel alignment and laps the bolt lugs, They glass bed the stock, Original factory satin Gunkote finish that remains at 99.5%, Original factory stock finish and it remains at 99.5%, The checkering is at 100%, The bore is new. This is a well-built tough rifle with a true full-length magnum action that will properly handle the 450 Rigby cartridge for serious hunting.

The .450 Rigby Magnum is a rimless cartridge based on the .416 Rigby case by necking it up to 45 caliber to use .458 bullets. Both Hornady and Norma offer factory loaded ammo, Hornady with 480 grain bullets and Norma with 550 grain Woodleigh bullets. The Hornady 480 grain bullets operate right at 2400 fps with about 6100 foot pounds of energy. This cartridge was introduced by Rigby in London in 1995 and has found great success in Africa. The 450 Rigby does perform with less pressure than the 458 Lott which is desirable with some shooters.

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