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HOLLAND & HOLLAND 375 H&H - MADE ABOUT 1956 - REMINGTON MODEL 30 ACTION - 24 1/2" BARREL with OPEN SIGHTS - DEEP MAGAZINE BOX - Never Scoped - 14 3/8" LOP - 8 Lbs. - Mauser Type Long Extractor - London Proved at 19 Tons - A Very Accurate Rifle

Style: Caliber: Price:
Bolt Rifle 375 H&H $6,800.00

#1943, Holland & Holland, 98 New Bond Street, London: A 375 H&H on a Remington Model 30 Action with a Mauser type long extractor, Made about 1956 by H&H, 24 1/2" Hykro steel barrel with a band island sight with 1 standing & 1 folding rear sights, Banded front sight ramp with a locking fold over sight protector, Barrel band sling eye, Deep belly aluminum magazine with a straddle hinged floorplate with a center bow release, London Nitro proved at 19 tons, It has a pure classic British stock, Steel grip cap, Steel crossbolt at the action recoil lug, Rollover point pattern checkering, Sling eye on the stock, 14 3/8" L.O.P. over a 3/4" Silvers pad, It is 8 lbs., The metal has been professionally reblacked but not polished and remains at 98%, The stock is 98% with a fresh coat of oil only without any sign of being sanded, The checkering is at 98%, The bore is very good plus. The piece was owned by an accomplished rifleman, it is a very accurate gun. It is all Holland and remains a very stout bolt rifle.

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