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GRIFFIN & HOWE 1926 #128 - TOTAL HJALMAR SWENSEN ENGRAVED - 30-06 SPRINGFIELD ACTION - 3 FOLDING LEAF ISLAND SIGHT - ENGRAVED LYMAN RECEIVER SIGHT - 24" Poldi Anticorro Barrel - Single Lever G&H Side Mount - Lyman Alaskan 2 1/2 X - Very Nice Wood - A Lot of Swensen Engraving

Style: Caliber: Price:
Bolt Rifle 30-06 $11,500.00

#128, #128 Griffin & Howe, Inc.: A Classic Pre-War Griffin & Howe in 30-06 Made in 1926 and Engraved by the Master Hjalmar Swensen on a Springfield Action, 24” Poldi Anticorro steel barrel, An island sight base with 3 folding blades that are engraved and matted, Engraved barrel band sling stud, Band front ramp with hood and engraved around it, Lyman receiver peep sight and fully engraved, Single lever G&H side mount with a Lyman Alaskan 2 1/2 power scope and the lever base is hand engraved G&H with the patent number; Classic engraving by Swensen in a Germanic style of floral & scroll with 75% coverage on the floorplate & trigger guard, the barrel cylinder engraved, Sling stud, front ramp, Receiver sight and Scope base, Fully engraved trapdoor grip cap, A complete checkered and engraved trapdoor buttplate with a pull thru cleaning kit, The receiver ring, island base and sight blades are matted and bordered, 2 panel teardrop bolt knob checkering, The bolt and follower is jeweled, This is pre-war Classic G&H stock work with a very neat double lined European cheekpiece, Wrap around point pattern checkering, Ebony forend tip. It has a nice piece of European walnut with great color & contrast and has a 14” L.O.P., This piece remains in excellent condition with a bore that is excellent as well. This is classic 1926 Griffin & Howe built in a great era and then the great Mr. Swensen (The Swede) graced the gun with his well-known talents. This is neat 1926 stuff that will be a treasure forever. This gun was owned by the renowned G&H collector, Mr. Emil McConnell and then in 2005 we added this piece to our inventory along with 4 other classic pre-war G&H's. This group of five included another Swensen piece, 2 engraved by Fugger and a 404 on a Magnum Mauser action.

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