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HOLLAND & HOLLAND 308 NORMA MAG. - SINGLE SQUARE BRIDGE COMMERCIAL MAUSER - MADE ABOUT 1969 - EXCELLENT WOOD - MODERN TRIGGER - 24 3/4" Barrel - Open Sights - Never Scoped - 8 Lbs. 4 Oz. - London Proved at 19.5 Tons - All H&H Serial Numbers Match

Style: Caliber: Price:
Bolt Rifle 308 Norma Mag. $12,500.00

#3613, Holland & Holland, 13 Bruton Street, London: A Holland 308 Norma Magnum on a Single Square Bridge Commercial Mauser Action, The rifle was built by H&H about 1969, The Commercial Mauser #89361 was built 1924, 24 3/4" barrel with a band island sight base with 1 folding rear sight, Band front sight ramp, Spring locking fold-up sight protector, Barrel band sling eye, A muzzle brake that is very similar to a Pendleton brake seen on many Weatherby rifles, Sling eyes; All H&H serial numbers match on the receiver, barrel, magazine box and the stock, Fully adjustable Timney/Canjar type trigger, Hinged floorplate with a center bow release; It has a matted receiver ring and the top of the square bridge is matted, London proved at 19.5 tons, Very nice wood with excellent color and contrast, It has a classic H&H stock with a shadowline cheekpiece, Monte carlo comb, Trap grip cap with a spare front sight, Wrap around point pattern checkering, Steel crossbolt at the recoil lug, Horn forend tip, 13 1/2" lop over a 3/4" Silvers pad and will go 13 15/16" with a 1" pad installed, 8 lbs. 4 oz., The inletting inside is absolutely excellent, The original blue overall remains at 96%, The stock finish is original & at 97% with light handling marks, The checkering remains at 100%, The bore is as new. The buyer can have a new set of RCBS loading dies and about 50 cartridge cases. This H&H has a total appearance that it never went hunting and I am not sure it has ever been fired.

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