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ABE, WALTER - 30-06 TOTAL CUSTOM FN MAUSER - 22" SHILEN BARREL - NIKON 3 x 9 MONARCH SCOPE - SAKO ADJUSTABLE TRIGGER - 13 3/4" LOP - Most Likely Built in 1974 - Hinged Floorplate - Classic Style Stock - Overall it Remains in 98% Original Condition

Style: Caliber: Price:
Bolt Rifle 30-06 $2,950.00

#X0699, Walter S. Abe - Gunmaker: A Total Custom by Walter Abe in 30-06 on a FN Belgium Mauser Action with their control round feed claw extractor, 22" Shilen barrel without open sights, 2 piece scope bases with 1" rings, A mounted Nikon 3 x 9 Monarch UCC with a duplex reticle, Sako adjustable trigger, Safety slide on the right hand side of the receiver tang, Hinged floorplate with a center bow release, FN bolt knob with the bottom flat checkered, A steel crossbolt at the recoil lug, An Abe Custom Classic style stock, Point pattern checkering, Straight comb stock, Cheekpiece, Rosewood forend tip and grip cap,, Sling eyes on the stock, 13 3/4" LOP over a 1" pad, 9 lbs. 1 oz., A fairly nice piece wood, It has excellent internal inletting that is well cut and finished, The original blue on all the metal remains at 99.5%, The original stock finish at 98%, The checkering at 100%, The bore is as new. By the look of things, this piece needs to go hunting. I doubt if it ever went afield and for all intents appears unfired. It is believed this gun came out of the famous Bob Petersen collection.

Walter Abe worked for Weatherby for a period of time. He then was on his own and built quite a number of custom bolt rifles. He was active in the 60's and 70's and built some very serious big bore African rifles. He also was known for converting Model 52 Winchester target rifles to classic sporters. He was in the Los Angeles area and many of his customs were marked with an L. A. mark. This gun is marked "Walter S. Abe - Gunmaker". He was part of the great influence that Roy Weatherby and Frank Pachmayr had in Southern California. Mr. Abe did a lot with Gil Van Horn. Other very good gun craftsmen were “Ole” Olafsson, Ralph Davis, John McCormick, Michael Chang and a guy named McIntyre. The Los Angeles area was full of serious gun people and the Hollywood crowd bought and hunted with them and the world knew it. My how times have changed; now we have political correctness with Southern California and Hollywood full of them with their delusional, illogical liberal crap and the unscrupulous mainstream media. That crowd holds the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.

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