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BIESEN 7x57 MAUSER - ORIGINALLY BUILT for a LADY or YOUTH - COMPLETE CUSTOM with MAUSER ACTION - BIESEN CLASSIC STOCK - BIESEN WRAP AROUND FLEUR-DE-LIS CHECKERING - Original 12 3/16" LOP Over a Biesen Pad - Nice Wood - 20" Barrel - 2 Panel Teardrop Bolt Knob Checkering - Adjustable Dayton Traister Trigger

Style: Caliber: Price:
Bolt Rifle 7 x 57 Mauser $3,950.00

#1484, Al Biesen Spokane, Wn: A 7x57 Mauser on a Mauser G 33/40 Action, Built for a Lady or a young person with a 12 3/16" LOP over a 1/2" pad with Biesen's name on it, 20" barrel without any open sights, 2 piece Talley scope bases, Hinged floorplate with a center bow release, A 2-position wing safety on the bolt sleeve, Two panel teardrop bolt knob checkering, Dayton Traister Mark II adjustable trigger, Jeweled bolt and follower, Action rails inside and out are polished, Lightning cuts on each side of the action just above the action flats, Angled & grooved bolt stop release, A Biesen Custom Classic style stock, Biesen classic full wrap around Fleur-De-Lis checkering with a fairly deep recess, Shadowline cheekpiece, Ebony forend tip, Sling eyes on the stock, Biesen 1 screw checkered steel grip cap, Lightning cuts inside the forend, Biesen signed inside the inletting, Original 12 3/16" LOP over a 1/2" pad that is embossed "Al Biesen - Gun Builder - Spokane, Washington", It will go 12 3/4" with a 1" pad, 6 lbs. 12 oz. as is, The bore is excellent plus, A nice piece of wood with fiddleback, The original Biesen blue remains at 95%, The original stock finish at 90% with scattered hunting & handling marks, The checkering remains at 97%. Mr. Al Biesen is the Norman Rockwell of custom bolt rifles in America and his merits are covered extensively in the pages of Jack O'Connor and the Gun Digest. Plus, it is chambered to the great cartridge designed by Paul Mauser in 1892, a milestone in modern cartridge design, used the world over and is a ballistic delight.

Mr. Al Biesen was born in La Crosse, Wisconsin in 1918 and 30 years later moved to Spokane, Washington and set up shop in his basement on Sinto Street. He built a lot of rifles for Jack O'Connor and several rifles for Prince Abdorezza Pahlavi of Iran. Roger Biesen joined on with his dad and continued the tradition of workmanship and the Biesen style with their noted Fleur-De-Lis checkering style. Al taught his son Roger the art of gun building, and his granddaughter Paula worked in the shop as well becoming an engraver. Biesen preferred the pre-64 Model 70 action and the Mauser 98 action, he always worked with fine walnut. He never made a synthetic stocked rifle in his life. Al Biesen passed away in Spokane in 2016 and the age of 98.

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