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GOENS, DALE - 30-06 - MADE in 1974 - MAUSER ACTION - CLASSIC STYLE with VERY NICE WORKMANSHIP - GOENS WRAP AROUND FLEUR-DE-LIS CHECKERING - EXCELLENT CLARO WALNUT STOCK - Dayton Traister Trigger - 13 1/2" LOP & Can Go 14 1/16" with a 1" Pad - 8 Lbs. - A Piece of Americana - Overall Condition at 95%

Style: Caliber: Price:
Bolt Rifle 30-06 $3,750.00

#20898, Dale W. Goens #799 - 30-06 Classic Custom Stocked Mauser Made by Goens in 1974 for a gentleman in Michigan, 23" barrel, Island rear sight with 1 folding leaf, Band front ramp, Dayton Traister Mark II trigger, Two panel bolt knob checkering, Non-Hinged floorplate, Jeweled bolt, Pachmayr Swing-Over side mount, A period Redfield 1 - 4 X scope, An excellent piece of Claro Walnut with excellent color and contrast, (This stock blank cost the customer $100 in 1974), Classic Goens full wrap around fleur-de-lis checkering with his classic ribbons in the panels (Goens called it a Oakley/Ribbon pattern), Niedner checkered grip cap, 13 1/2" LOP over the original installed Pachmayr 1/2" pad, It will go 14 1/16" with a 1" pad installed, 8 lbs. as is, Sling eyes on the stock, Ebony forend tip (Cost $10 in 1974), Classic Goens shadowline cheekpiece, Excellent inletting and clean cut inside and out, "Dale W. Goens" stamped in 2 areas inside the inletting along with his #799, The bore is excellent plus, Overall the gun remains in 95% condition both on the metal and wood since it left Goens talented hands. Here is a pure American classic custom rifle with a piece of wood that enhances the lights in your gun cabinet.

My how the times have changed in 48 years, Goens charged the mere sum of $375 to stock this Mauser which included the Fleur-De-Lis checkering. However, on June 1, 1974, he went up in price to $450 including the Fleur-De-Lis. The bluing cost $15. A best French Walnut blank was $300, an English blank $150 and Claro was $100. A Biesen checkered buttplate installed was $15 and a trapdoor Biesen was $45. In 1974 Goens had a back log of 18 months.

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