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JARRETT 416 REMINGTON MAGNUM - MADE in 2000 - VERY ACCURATE - MODEL 700 ACTION TUNED by JARRETT - SWAROVSKI 1.25 - 4 x 24 - TALLEY BASES & RINGS - Model Nombre Unique #14 - .572" Aggregate with 400 Grain Hornady - .747" with 410 Grain Woodleigh - 23" Stainless Steel Barrel - McMillan Classic Style Stock

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Bolt Rifle 416 Rem. Mag. $6,400.00

#C6721354, Jarrett Rifle Model Nombre Unique #14 in a 416 Remington Magnum, Made in 2000, 23" Stainless Steel barrel, Remington Model 700 action that Jarrett precision tuned, Island rear sight with 1 standing & 1 folding, Band front ramp with a locking sight protector, Talley detachable 30mm rings, Swarovski 1.25 - 4 x 24 PH Model with with a CD reticle, It comes with a Illuminated circle dot reticle knob that can be installed, Excellent trigger, Hinged floorplate with a center bow release, Checkered and built up bolt stop release on the upper left side of the receiver tang, McMillan classic style synthetic stock in black with a cheekpiece, Titanium pillar bedded, Sling eyes on the stock, 13 11/16" LOP over a 1" decelerator pad, 9 lbs. 5 oz. with the scope; The gun was factory tuned with 410 grain Woodleigh Solids with a group average of .747" and also 400 grain Hornady Round Nose with a group average of .572", The targets and loading information are with the gun. Quite a bit of this ammo can be bought at a fair price. This rifle is Africa proven with excellent results. The original factory metal finish remains at 92%, the stock finish at 100% and the bore remains as new.

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