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GOENS, DALE - 7 x 57 - SUPERB WOOD - PRE-64 MODEL 70 ACTION - PURE CLASSIC STYLE - GOENS WRAP AROUND FLEUR-DE-LIS CHECKERING - ABSOLUTELY UNFIRED - Overall 99.5% Original Condition - Finished in 1998 or 1999 - Blackburn Bottom Metal - 2 Panel Bolt Knob Checkering - Double Screw Sling Eyes - Like Getting it New from Goens - One of His Last

Style: Caliber: Price:
Bolt Rifle 7 X 57 $5,975.00

#212645, Dale W. Goens - 7 x 57 - Goens #1149, Superb Piece of Wood, Unfired, A Classic Custom Stocked Pre-64 Winchester Model 70 Made by Goens, This piece was made in the last couple of years he stocked custom rifles, It was ordered by the current owner and it was never fired, It was finished either in 1998 or 1999 and Goens retired from stocking guns in November of 2000, I have record of only 15 rifles he finished after this one and 2 were for him or his family, Of those 2 one was a Mauser G33/40 in 7 x 57 and the other a 223 Sako, This M-70 action was made in 1952, Has a custom 23" barrel, No open sights, 2 piece Talley bases and rings, Leupold 2.5 x 8 with a duplex reticle, Blackburn straddle hinged floorplate with a center bow release, A 3-position Model 70 wing safety, Two panel teardrop bolt knob checkering, Built up & checkered bolt stop release, Profiled rear receiver tang, Model 70 trigger, Jeweled bolt and follower, Goens classic stock on an outstanding piece of English Walnut with excellent black/brown contrast, Classic Goens full wrap around fleur-de-lis checkering with his classic ribbons in the panels (Goens called it a Oakley/Ribbon pattern), Shadowline cheekpiece, Ebony forend tip, Double screw sling eyes on the stock, Jerry Fisher steel grip cap, 13 5/8" lop over a full checkered Biesen steel buttplate, 8 lbs. 13 oz. with the Leupold, The original and total Goens blue remains at 100%, The original stock finish at 99.5%, The checkering is at 100%, The bore is new. This rifle never went hunting and it absolutely remains unfired. I have handled over 3 dozen Goens rifles and this, I believe, is one of the nicer pieces to come from his most capable hands.

Dale Wesley Goens was born September 8, 1916, in Plainville, Kansas and passed away July 18, 2005. Dale's father bought him a guitar when he was a teenager. Music would become a lifelong connection for Dale. In the 1930's Dale was playing professionally in a western swing band right here in Enid, Oklahoma. He and the band played on radio station KCRC in Enid (Still in business to this day) as well as the dance halls in the area. After WWII in Enid Dale built his own arch top guitar. Dale always had a love affair with wood. He also built model airplane gliders and flew them in competition. In 1949 Dale got an offer to work at Sandia Base in Albuquerque as he had worked on B-25 aircraft in Kansas City during the war. After 21 years at Sandia Base, he retired. With his love of wood, Dale developed a sideline business of making custom gunstocks for hunting rifles. Prior to his Sandia Base retirement his gun business had grown to such a point that he had to either pursue it full time or give up the business. Dale achieved a national and international reputation in fine custom American bolt rifles. Dale continued his gunstock making business until November of 2000.

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