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HOLLAND & HOLLAND 500/465 NITRO EXPRESS - DOMINION SIDELOCK EJECTOR - NEW BARRELS LONDON PROVED in 1991 - Brand New 26 3/4" Ejector Chopper Lump - 14 3/8" LOP - New Wood Fore & Aft - 10 Lbs. 11 Oz. - Cast-Off for the Right Hand

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Double Rifle 500/465 N.E. $34,500.00

#28288, Holland & Holland Back Action Hand Detachable Dominion Grade Sidelock Ejector 500/465 Nitro Express Made in 1914 and now with a new set of 26 3/4" Ejector Chopper Lump barrels with rib extension third bite proved in London in 1991 at 2860 BAR, The barrels with 1/4 rib with 1 standing & 2 folding rear sights, Bushed strikers, Double triggers, An extended top strap over the comb, Trapdoor grip cap, 14 3/8" L.O.P. over a 1 1/8" Silvers pad, Cast-off for the right hand, Proper weight of 10 lbs. 11 oz., Border engraving, The frame and lockplates have been recolor hardened and retain 99% colors, The new barrels have 99% blue, The buttstock and forend are both new replacements and remain at 95%, The bores are excellent plus and remain in brand new, It is smack on the face and overall the gun looks like the day it was set-up with the new wood and the new barrels. Here is a solid working big game double rifle with a new set of barrels ready to go another 108 years and it carries a pretty good pedigree from one of the most recognized names in the game fields of India and Africa.

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