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GREEN, EDWINSON - 450 #2 NITRO EXPRESS - A REAL DOUBLE RIFLE - EXCELLENT PLUS BORES - NEAR EXHIBITION WOOD - PROPER BIG BORE WEIGHT - 11 Lbs. 7 oz. - 1906 - 75% Original Case Colors - 28" Extractor Chopper Lump - 14 7/8" LOP - Super Cartridge - Super Nice Gun

Style: Caliber: Price:
Double Rifle 450 #2 N.E. $27,000.00

#6445, Edwinson Green & Sons, Makers, Cheltenham, England: A Real Double Rifle, Made by the Makers of Jeffery Boxlock Double Rifles, A Very Solid 450 #2 Nitro Express with Excellent Plus Bores that was Made in 1906, 28" Krupp Steel Extractor Chopper Lump Barrels, Dolls Head Extension, 1/4 rib with 1 standing & 3 folding rear sights, Nitro proved at 75 cordite & 480 grain bullet, No sling eyes, Bushed  strikers, No cheekpiece, 14 7/8" LOP over a 1" leather pad, Cast-Off for the right hand, The proper and correct 450 #2 Big Bore weight of 11 lbs. 7 oz., 15% coverage of very nice scroll, Near exhibition wood with deep black/brown contrast, The buttstock and forend wood remains extremely solid with a lifetime of game field use left in both the forend and buttstock, The strength to this gun is the excellent plus bores & wood condition, The barrel blue appears totally original at 90%, The buttstock refinished & now at 96%, The checkering is at 98%, The frame has 75% original case colors, The breech face has 90% case colors, The inside of the forend has 99% case colors. This is one extremely solid rifle that remains in excellent condition with excellent plus bores that look new for all intents and purposes. This is real stuff that was owned by one of the best double rifle hunter/shooter enthusiasts in the U.S. It is an accurate double that will shoot 2" at 50 yards and put both 350 & 480 .458" diameter bullets into 4" at 100 yards. All the loading information will be furnished with the purchase. Then top it all off; it has super bores, great condition, points like a dream with the proper cast-off and is offered in one of the greatest English cartridges of all time that shoots .458" diameter bullets all day long. There are double rifles and then there are serious double rifles. Serious rifles have two barrels, everything else just burns gunpowder. Some guns depth is a backyard wading pool; this 450 #2 has depth of the ocean.

Edwinson Charles Green learned his craft in Birmingham and moved to Cheltenham in 1863 and remained active until his death in 1927 at the age of 89. He was very skilled as his patented O/U laid the ground work for the first Purdey O/U. Mr. Ernest Lawrence Sr. was the works manager at Purdey in 1924 and was approached by Mr. Atholl Purdey to build an O/U gun. Mr. Harry Lawrence was then in the factory and he drew from the ideas of Mr. Edwinson Green. He also patented a 3 barrel gun and built a round action nearly identical to the Dickson. Edwinson Green & Sons was still operating as late as 1983.

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