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BROWNING BELGIUM 8x57 JRS O/U - CUSTOM SHOP EXPRESS DOUBLE RIFLE - MADE 1999 & REMAINS UNFIRED - GOLD INLAID RIBBON PATTERN - Excellent Wood - Reinforced Action Body - 1/4 Rib - Single Selective Trigger - 15" LOP - 8 Lbs. - Overall a 99% Gun - Excellent Price

Style: Caliber: Price:
Double Rifle 8X57 JRS $5,900.00

#E04NN01623, Browning Belgium Custom Shop European Classic O/U Double Rifle Model CCS 525 Elite Express Rifle in 8x57 JRS Made in 1999 that remains unfired, These Express rifles are built on a reinforced B425 Cal. 20 action frame, 22" ejector barrels, 1/4 rib with 1 standing rear sight that is adjustable for both elevation and windage, Single selective inertia trigger, Superlight style forend with a schnabel, Pistol grip stock at 15" LOP over a Browning buttplate, Excellent wood, 8 lbs., Very well done Gold inlays in a ribbon pattern that has a very nice appearance, The original barrel blue at 99.5%, The original receiver blue at 100%, The original wood oil finish at 99%, The checkering at 100%, The bores are new and remain at 100%, It comes with a Browning case with a Custom Shop trade label. This is a very unusual chambering as you can find Browning's in 270, 30-06 and some 9.3x74R's but this piece is ready for you go Hog hunting. This of course is the .323" diameter cartridge and plenty of Sellier and Bellot 8x57 JRS is available with 196 grain bullets.

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