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BOSS & Co. .577 SNIDER - RARE & UNUSUAL DOUBLE RIFLE - ACCURATE - DIES, CASES & LOADING INFO. - 29" FULLY RIFLED DAMASCUS BARRELS - VERY GOOD BORES - 1870 - Very Solid Wood - 14 3/16" LOP - Proven Accuracy - 1 of 75 Centerfire Rifles made by Boss from 1858 to 1890

Style: Caliber: Price:
Double Rifle .577 Snider $19,000.00

#2875, Boss & Co., 73 St. James's Street, London: A Very Rare and Very Unusual Boss .577 Snider Back Action Underlever Non-Rebounding Hammer Double Rifle that was Made in 1870 for W.J. Leigh, a Member of Parliament; That's correct, a Boss Double Rifle that is only 1 of 75 centerfire rifles made from 1858 to 1890 and of all things in a .577 Snider; 29" Damascus fully rifled barrels by John Portlocks & marked accordingly with a "JP", Full length rib with 1 standing & 3 folding platinum lined rear sights at 50 - 100 - 150 & 200, Percussion style fences, Sliding hammer safeties, Full length trigger guard tang with an integral pistol grip guard bow with a checkered face, Very solid and sound wood with nice color & contrast, No cheekpiece, Sling eyes, Cross wedge forend release, Great stock length at 14 3/16" LOP over an engraved and full face checkered steel buttplate, Overall it comes out at 14 3/16 x 1 1/2 x 2 1/2" and points like a dream, Great weight at 9 Lbs. 3 Oz., This is a full rifled set of barrels and the bores remain very good plus with sharp lands the entire way, There is light pitting in front of the chambers but in no way problematic, Very nice wood and it is in very solid condition in every respect, Very nice color & contrast; 80% coverage of period Boss scroll engraving by John Thomas Sumner including the top strap, lever, trigger guard and forend, The barrel brown is 95% with all barrel markings as sharp as day one, The stock finish at 90%, The checkering is at 85% and I don't believe it was ever touched up, All the screws are in excellent shape and nearly everyone lays north & south including the 3 inside the forend, This is flat one good looking and extremely solid rifle in every respect from metal to wood with very good bores. Here is first rate Boss quality double rifle with style, grace, workmanship, handling and Boss romance from a great period at the pinnacle of sporting guns in the late years of the 19th century. This is an accurate rifle that shoots a .577" diameter 450 grain bullet with 30 grains of 4198 at 1,315 fps at 1,727 foot pounds of energy with virtually no recoil. This is very unusual and rare stuff here and it could be the only .577 Snider ever built by Boss. From 1858 to this day Boss only built about 100 centerfire double rifles.

Mr. William Boss began his Gunmakers apprenticeship in 1773. He worked under Joseph Manton, a leading gunmaker of the time who employed only top-rate journeymen, of whom William Boss was considered one. During this period, Boss had three sons, who in time would follow in his footsteps and each be apprenticed to their father. Thomas Boss established his reputation as a top gunmaker. Thomas Boss worked for Joseph Manton, one of the greatest Gunmakers of that period, before leaving and starting Boss & Co. in 1812. When Thomas Boss died, the company was acquired in 1891 by John Robertson. John Robertson was responsible for two of the greatest creations by the firm; in 1909 the Boss low profile Over and Under shot gun, and in 1894 the Boss single trigger which was one of the first truly reliable single selective triggers to be made anywhere. Boss & Co. have produced guns of the highest quality for over 200 years. Today, their guns are still built in London, to those same high standards, by skilled craftsmen using the methods honed by their predecessors. Check them out at

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