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HOLLAND & HOLLAND 500/465 NITRO EXPRESS ROYAL - 26" EJECTOR CHOPPER LUMP BARRELS - GOLDEN ERA PIECE of 1924 - BORES as NEW - 92% ORIGINAL CASE COLORS - A Super Nice Rifle from 1924 - 10 Lbs. 7 Oz. - 14 3/8" LOP - Cased in a Modern Leather Trunk by H&H

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Double Rifle 500/465 N.E. $76,000.00

#28552, Holland & Holland Hand Detachable Sidelock Royal Ejector 500/465 Nitro Express That Remains in Excellent Original Condition and was made in the Golden Era of English Best Guns, 1924. It has 26" Ejector Chopper Lump barrels with rib extension third bite, Fold up night sight with the original Ivory still in place, 1/4 rib with 1 standing & 2 folding rear sights, Factory installed fold-up peep sight at the barrel breech, London proof at 75 Cordite and 480 grain bullet, Bushed strikers, Double triggers with the front articulated, Hand detachable Joseph Brazier back action locks, An extended top strap over the comb, Trapdoor grip cap with a spare front sight, Trigger guard tang to the trapdoor grip cap, Rolled trigger guard edge, 14 3/8" L.O.P. over a 1" pad plus a 3/16" black spacer, Proper weight of 10 lbs. 7 oz., Shadow line cheekpiece, 98% Royal scroll engraving with Roses which was the style used on some of the Great between the Wars Royal's. Now for the Great News on this piece; it retains an absolute original 92% bright & vivid case colors, the breech face retains 90% case colors, the striker bushings have 95% heat blue remaining, the barrel blue is at 96%, the original stock finish is at 92% and the checkering remains at 97%. The bores are Excellent Plus and look like the day they left H&H in 1924, 93 years ago. It is smack on the face and overall the gun looks almost like the day it left Holland & Holland in 1924. It is the #1 gun of a pair and then was put in a later brass cornered leather trunk with a new trade label and a proper charge card along with a cleaning gear. I presume all of this done by H&H as the gun was recently purchased from Holland & Holland. This is incredible stuff considering a piece from 1924 that had a very guarded life for a long time.

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