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BLAND, THOMAS - 450 #2 N. E. - 90% ORIGINAL CONDITION - A VERY STOUT RIFLE BOTH METAL & WOOD - EXCELLENT PLUS BORES - 90% ORIGINAL CASE COLORS - Hammer / Toplever - Large & Solid Third Bite - Original Leather Case - 27" Extractor Barrels - African Proven

Style: Caliber: Price:
Double Rifle 450 #2 N. E. $13,500.00

#16863, Thomas Bland & Sons, 2 King William Street, Strand, London: A Thomas Bland & Sons 450 #2 Nitro Express 3 1/2" Case, Rebounding Hammer Toplever Serious Big Game Double Rifle Made about 1912, 27" Extractor shoe lump barrels, Rib extension with a large & solid third bite, Birmingham Nitro Proved at 80 Cordite & 480 grain bullet, 1/4 rib with 1 standing & 3 folding platinum lined sights that are engraved with cordite & bullet info on all the blades, Rebounding hammers, Bushed strikers, Splinter forend with an Anson frontal release, Open pistol grip stock, Long trigger guard tang, Sling eyes, 14 7/8" lop over a 1" KickEez pad with a 1/4" spacer, 10 lbs. 11 0z., Decent wood that remains as solid as the tree it came from, This is flat out one very nice condition and very solid hammer/toplever double rifle, It appears to have absolute original blue on the barrels at 95%, Absolute original case colors at 90%, The solid wood with original finish at 92%, The original checkering remains at 97%, The bores are excellent plus with both still at 9 1/2 and near 10 and almost look like new, It is cased in the original brass cornered leather trunk with the correct Bland trade label. This is flat-out one very solid 450 #2 Hammer double that remains in excellent condition on both metal & wood built around the world's greatest big game cartridge. Champlin loaded a lot of ammo for this very gun; it has about 60 Trophy Bonded 500 grain Sledgehammers, 40 Hornady 350 grain soft nose (Fun stuff & great practice) and 20 Hornady 300 grain soft nose. This ammo does not go with the gun and can be bought separately for about $1200 or we will provide every detail for every load used in this Bland. This gun is African proven and will still be ready for Africa, or U.S. hog hunting, some 100 years from now.

Thomas Bland & Sons were founded in 1840 in Birmingham and expanded to106 Strand in London in 1872. In 1900 they moved to 2 King William Street, Strand in London. This durable firm remained in business all these years, an incredible run from muzzle loaders to modern sporting guns. Thomas Bland & Sons Gunmakers Ltd. is to this day a viable firm, registered both in the UK and the USA and can be found on this side of the pond at 

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