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HENRY, ALEXANDER - 450/400 3 1/4" BPE - MADE for THE MAHARAJA of KOTAH - THE MAN THAT ORDERED the ROLLS ROYCE with a MACHINE GUN & CANNON on BOARD (Photos) - 95% Coverage of Superb Engraving - 50% Original Case Colors - Original O&L Trunk - The Bores as New - Very Strong Mechanics - Classic Stuff

Style: Caliber: Price:
Double Rifle 450/400 3 1/4" BPE $18,900.00

#7092, Alex'r Henry & Co., Makers to Her Majesty, Edinburgh and London: A Best Quality 450/400 3 1/4" Black Powder Express Boxlock Ejector Double Rifle Sold October 1898 to H. H. The Maharaja of Kotah, This Maharaja ordered the famous Red Rolls-Royce Phantom that had a Lantaka swivel cannon & a Nepalese Bira .450 machine gun (In the Photos), Sideplates, Toplever Hammerless, The piece with 26" damascus barrels with a rib extension crossbolt, Henry rifling, Full length rib with 1 standing & 1 folding sights with silver sight lines, A H&H style assist opening, Top tang safety, Anson frontal forend release, Steel engraved grip cap, Shadowline cheekpiece, Sling eyes, 14 1/2" LOP over a full face checkered butt with engraved steel heel and toe plates, 7 lbs. 10 oz., Well figured wood that has darkened with age, 95% coverage of classic scroll engraving including the top strap, toplever, trigger guard, forend and grip cap, This super gun has bores and chambers that are excellent plus and for all intents and purposes look like new, It retains 97% barrel browning, It still has an unbelievable 50% original case colors, The breech face and receiver flats retain 90% case colors, The inside of the forend retain nearly 100% bright and vivid case colors, I totally believe the stock finish is original and remains at 94%, The original checkering remains at 90%, Again the bores remain in superb condition and are bright & shiny as new, The screws are all of 95% correct and sharp. The classic is still snug in the original brass cornered oak & leather trunk with the proper trade label with an Ivory bottle with 2 each spare front sights. The case remains in excellent condition with the top embossed "H. H. The Maharas Of Kotah".

The Maharaja of Kotah was very serious about his big game hunting. He had this 1925 Rolls-Royce Phantom I set-up with an Elephant Lantaka cannon mounted on the rear bumper, a mounted Howdah pistol, 2 lockable vertical gun racks inside to hold big game rifles and smoothbores, an ammo box and a tool box. Then he topped it off with a carriage-mounted Bira .450 caliber hand-cranked machine gun that was towed behind. He had searchlights installed on the car front and rear that swiveled for night stalking. He ordered extra tall tires for rough terrain and a low gearing ratio to plow through mud and brush. An unusual feature of the car is its small safe that was included in the original specifications, it secured contingency money set aside to compensate families of hunting assistants killed while stalking big game. What a guy!

Alexander Henry was born in 1828 and became the inventor of the gun barrel that revolutionized small arms as it was a new principle in rifling a barrel. In the brief on his patent in 1860 it stated, "The rifled bore is of polygonal cross-section, and is provided, in addition, with curved, square, or angular spiral projections or grooves, so as to increase the bearing points of the projectile." His barrels became the very part of the Martini-Henry rifle; in 1874 the War Office realized how good his invention was and issued it to the British army. Mr. Henry died in Edinburgh on January 27, 1894 at the age of 76.

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