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CHAPUIS 9.3 x 74R - MODEL RGEX - FACTORY QD PIVOT MOUNT BASES - 90% FLORAL ENGRAVING & GAME SCENE - OVERALL REMAINS in 98% CONDITION - 6 Lbs. 12 Oz. - 21 3/4" Ejector Barrels - 14 5/16" LOP - Will go 14 5/8" w/ a 1" Pad - 1/4 Rib with 1 Standing - Nice for the Price

Style: Caliber: Price:
Double Rifle 9.3 x 74R $5,900.00

#53942, Chapuis 9.3 x 74 R Model RGEX Side by Side Double Rifle, 21 3/4" Ejector Barrels with a Quarter rib with 1 standing sight, Quick detachable single lever pivot mounts that were factory installed, Adjustable front sight for elevation, Double triggers, Bushed strikers, Beavertail forend, Open pistol grip stock with a palm swell for the right hand, Cheekpiece, Steel engraved grip cap, Sling eyes, Very nice wood with excellent color and contrast with a lot of fiddleback, 14 5/16" LOP over a 3/4" pad and will go to 14 5/8" with a 1" pad, 6 lbs. 12 oz., 90% coverage of floral engraving with a Stag on the bottom, Boar on the left side and a Roebuck on the right side, The barrel blue at 99%, The frame finish remains at 99%, The stock finish remains at 98%, The checkering at 100%, The bores are new.

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