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COGSWELL & HARRISON 470 NITRO EXPRESS - SIDELOCK EJECTOR - THE BARRELS ARE as NEW and MADE in 1977 - 25" CHOPPER LUMP BARRELS - Very Nice Wood That Remains Solid - 95% Engraving Coverage - Complete Refinish Including the Case Colors - Excellent Oak & Leather Trunk Case

Style: Caliber: Price:
Double Rifle 470 N. E. $29,500.00

#43208, Cogswell & Harrison Ltd. 141 New Bond St. & 226 Strand, London: A 470 Nitro Express Back Action Sidelock Ejector That Remains in Outstanding Condition, Built on a Type 129 action body, Made for Mr. Ernest R. Kirkwood and delivered to him April 6, 1909, 25" Ejector Chopper lump barrels, 1/4 rib with 1 standing & 3 folding rear sights, Bushed strikers, Double triggers, Bolted safety Shadowline cheekpiece, Sling swivels, Horn grip cap, 14 1/4" LOP over a 7/8" Silvers pad, The proper and correct 470 weight of 10 lbs. 13 oz., 95% coverage of period scroll engraving, Very nice wood with nice color & contrast that remains very solid and stout, It has a total and complete refinish that is very well done and includes a recolor hardened frame, The piece has all the trappings of a total refinish in England right down to the Silvers pad, I could be wrong but the case colors look like St Ledger, The gun remains in 98-99% condition since the refinish, The bores are like new, Most likely it got a new set of barrels in 1977 in Ferlach and hasn't been shot much since, It will shoot 3" 4 shot accuracy using Woodleigh bullets, The locks inside remain in excellent condition, This is a very solid double rifle that has a bunch of its mechanical life left. It has a brass cornered oak & leather case furnished for this gun from Cogswell & Harrison with nice accessories and the proper address trade label. This case, I believe, was made for the gun in the mid 1990's. When Mr. Ernest Kirkwood left the premise at 141 New Bond Street in London in 1909, he was short 29 pounds sterling & 10 shillings for Cogswell & Harrison #43208. I believe I am close; that was about $141 U.S. dollars in 1909.

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