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CHURCHILL 500 3 1/4" BPE - WEBLEY ACTION - TOPLEVER HAMMERLESS - EXCELLENT BORES - 98% FINE SCROLL ENGRAVING COVERAGE - Built as a Deluxe Grade - 27" Barrels - 8 Lbs. 12 Oz. - 14 3/4" LOP Over a Steel Buttplate - Nice Refinish Both Metal & Wood - Nice Engraving - Neat Little Gun

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Double Rifle 500 3 1/4" BPE $8,500.00

#493, E. J. Churchill Gun & Rifle Manufacturer, 8 Agar St. Strand London W.C.: A Deluxe Model Webley Action Toplever Hammerless 500 3 1/4" Black Powder Express Double Rifle Made in 1893, It is with 27" extractor dovetail lump steel barrels with rib extension third bite, 1 standing & 1 folding rear sights, Double underlugs with double bite, Bushed strikers, Double triggers, Top tang safety with safe in Gold, Long trigger guard tang to an engraved steel grip cap, Sling eyes, 14 3/4" LOP over an engraved and checkered steel butt plate, 8 lbs. 12 oz., 98% coverage of very fine scroll engraving that is very well cut, No case colors remain, The barrel blue at 99% with a fresh reblack, The butt & forend have been nicely refinished and the checkering recut and now remains at 97%, The bores are excellent with sharp rifling the entire way, This piece was built as a Deluxe Churchill/Webley rifle with this engraving, flats with teardrops back of the action and carved shoulders at the forend knuckle. This is a nice double rifle in a great cartridge, Deluxe Grade, excellent engraving, very good bores and built around the superb Webley action.

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