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JEFFERY 450 #2 NITRO EXPRESS - A VERY SOLID HEAVY DUTY DOUBLE - 24" CHOPPER LUMP BARRELS - EXCELLENT BORES - THE GREAT 450 with .458" BULLETS - No Cheekpiece - Will Work for the Right or Left Hand - 92% Engraving Coverage - Proper Weight at 11 Lbs. 2 Oz. - 14 1/2" LOP - Very Solid Wood

Style: Caliber: Price:
Double Rifle 450 #2 N. E. $19,500.00

#15007, W.J. Jeffery & Co., 13 King Street, St. James's St. London: A Heavy Duty 450 #2 Nitro Express, Made 1905, 24" Extractor Chopper Lump Barrels with dolls head rib extension, 1/4 rib with 1 standing & 2 folding rear sights, Double triggers, Bushed strikers, Proved at 80 Cordite with a 480 grain bullet, 14 1/2" L.O.P. over a 1" pad, Proper big bore weight at 11 lbs. 2 oz., Splinter forend with a frontal release, No cheekpiece, Sling eyes, Trigger guard tang to an engraved steel grip cap, 92% engraving coverage with game scenes, The buttstock and forend wood remains very solid with a lifetime of game field use left in both the forend and buttstock, The strength to this gun is the bores & wood condition, The bores remain excellent to near excellent plus, It retains 50% case colors that I believe is original, The barrel blue redone & now at 95%, The wood at 92% and I don't believe refinished, The checkering is at 97%, This is one solid rifle that remains in very sound condition with excellent bores and nice rifling from throat to muzzle. This piece is tight on the face with a lot of bite left. The whole is cased in a later brass cornered leather trunk with a trade label and accessories. This very piece is African proven with great success. This is classic English go to Africa stuff; a solid and stout serious big game double rifle in the World's best big game cartridge that will shoot all the .458" bullets you can buy.

Jeffery was already well known at the turn of the century, but notice was certainly taken with their impressive line of Double Rifles. They had a large range of cartridges from .280, .333, and 404, 450 #2, 475 #2 and the famous 600 Nitro. Jeffery was at the 13 King Street address until 1914, they moved to 26 Bury Street and then to 9 Golden Square in 1921. The Jeffery firm remained in business until 1955, in 1957 Westley Richards purchased the firm and then in 1959 it was merged with Holland & Holland.

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