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GRANT, STEPHEN 450 3 1/4" BPE - AN EXCELLENT 1888 CLASSIC UNDERLEVER HAMMER EXPRESS - EXCELLENT BORES - 85% FINE SCROLL ENGRAVING COVERAGE - Excellent Wood in Figure & Strength - 28" Damascus Barrels - 14 3/8" LOP - 9 Lbs. 1 Oz. - Excellent Mechanics Inside & Out

Style: Caliber: Price:
Double Rifle 450 3 1/4" BPE $11,500.00

#5895, Stephen Grant & Sons, 67A St. James's Street, London: A Very Well Kept Stephen Grant 450 3 1/4" Black Powder Express Made in 1888 for Mr. D'arcy Chayter, Esquire, A Jones Action Underlever Back-Action with Non-Rebounding Hammers, It is with 28" damascus barrels with a rib extension with Henry's Patent A&T (Arthur Adams & Joseph Tate - Barrel makers & riflers) rifling, London proved;, Full length rib with 1 standing rear sight, Percussion style fences, Half cock hammers, A frontal Anson forend release, Steel engraved grip cap, Sling eyes, 14 3/8" LOP over a 1" Kick-Eez pad, 9 lbs. 1 oz., Very nice figured wood with excellent & deep black/brown color & contrast, 85% coverage of very fine scroll engraving, The engraved trigger guard tang extends to the engraved steel grip cap, This vintage Classic still retains an honest 40% original case colors, The barrels have been professionally rebrowned, The trigger guard & tang retain original finish, The buttstock & forend have been re-oiled and they remain now at 97%, The checkering is still at 98%, The breech face retains 98% of its original case colors, The inside of the forend has 98% case colors, Every screw inside & out is still 95%, As you would expect the bores are in excellent condition, The whole is cased in a period brass cornered oak & leather trunk with a modern trade label with the proper address. The rifle is accurate, and a lot of various loading information comes with the gun.

Stephen Grant was established in 1867 at the address of this gun, prior to that he worked for Charles Lancaster and later was the Managing Partner at Boss & Co. in 1857. Mr. Grant died January 21, 1898 but the firm lived on. Stephen Grant obtained Warrants of appointment from the Royal Houses of France, Spain, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Russia, Persia and Turkey. In 1925 the firm went with Joseph Lang. In the 1930's Grant & Lang joined with Atkin, Beesley, Hellis, Hussey, Watson Bros. and Lancaster. In 1960 the firm was operating as Atkin, Grant & Lang and by 1971 it was Churchill, Atkin, Grant & Lang. In the 1990's Ken Duglan operated it as AG&L and by mid-2011 Mr. Francis Lovel purchased the business. He was no stranger to the trade as he also owns Francis Lovel & Co. Ltd. ( Mr. Lovel shortly thereafter started building Grant over & unders, Grant sidelever's, Atkin spring openers, Atkin over & unders, Lang double express rifles and Lang bolt rifles. You can check out their offerings at

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