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GRIFFIN & HOWE 600 NITRO EXPRESS DOUBLE RIFLE - CONTINENTAL MODEL BOXLOCK - 23" EJECTOR CHOPPER LUMP BARRELS - 95% ENGRAVING - Overall in 97% Condition - Very Nice Wood - Made by Abbiatico & Salvinelli in 2005 - 12 Lbs. 2 Oz. - Serious Big Bore

Style: Caliber: Price:
Double Rifle 600 N. E. $38,500.00

#4001, Griffin & Howe 600 3" Nitro Express Continental Model Boxlock Ejector Made by Abbiatico & Salvinelli in Italy, Made in 2005, It remains nearly a new gun, 23" ejector chopper lump barrels with a rib extension hidden third bite, 1/4 rib with 1 standing & 1 folding rear sights with a Gold line, Front ramp with a fold-up night sight, Bolstered frame, Bushed strikers, Double triggers with the front articulated, Extended top tang that goes over the comb, Splinter forend, Very nice wood, Shadowline European style cheekpiece, No sling eyes, Trigger guard tang with 2 screw tiedown to the steel engraved grip cap, Trapdoor grip cap with a spare front sight, 14 1/2" LOP over a 1" Silvers pad, A full and proper 5 3/8" depth of butt from heel to toe which is ideal for a big bore, 12 lbs. 2 oz., 95% factory engraving coverage with all the scroll & ornamental by M. Ghidini; The game scene engraving by D. Bonsi with a Cape Buffalo, Rhino and a Bull Elephant on the bottom, The piece remains in excellent condition with the barrel blue at 99%, The coin finish frame remains at 98%, The stock finish is at 96% with very light handling marks, The checkering is at 100%, The bores as new. It has 8 retainer locking screws on key screws on the forend, trigger guard tang and action body. The piece comes to hand with ease and feels like a true big bore that can safely be used on the few remaining dinosaurs.

This is another of my marks relative the Al Gore scale of Earth friendly guns. Goofy Algore is the absolute Dean of the School of Planetary Analysis and Eco-Evangelism. Algore predicted that all Arctic ice would be gone by 2013. This gun has a problem, as it is not Earth friendly as it will emit a lot of greenhouse gases, nitrous oxide, methane and will leave a large trailing cloud of carbon. This gun is not carbon neutral. With this turbocharged gun the National Climate Assessment group is convinced this piece is a climate changer. Shooting this piece has a variety of climate effects and can add to global surface temperature for several years. While large amounts of CO2 enter the atmosphere through natural processes, shooting this big bore is becoming a real problem. However, there is good news; You might need to self-impose a carbon tax; the fees collected will be returned to shooters as a monthly dividend for using small to mid-caliber rifles. That is a great after-tax income for Whitetail hunters across North America. This is cutting-edge research.

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