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GRANT, STEPHEN 577/500 3 1/8" BPE - A SIDELOCK 1887 CLASSIC TOPLEVER HAMMERLESS EXPRESS DOUBLE - VERY GOOD to NEAR EXCELLENT BORES - ACCURATE - 90% Fine Scroll Engraving - Excellent Wood in Figure & Strength - O&L Trunk with Tools - 28" Damascus Barrels - Excellent Mechanics Inside & Out

Style: Caliber: Price:
Double Rifle 577/500 3 1/8" BPE $17,750.00

#5705, Stephen Grant, 67A St. James's Street, London: A Sidelock .577/.500 3 1/8" BPE Made in 1887 for H. H. Maharana of Udaipur Fateh Singh the 73rd Ruler of the Mewar Dynasty, It is accurate and comes with the loading data, It is a toplever hammerless bar action sidelock extractor piece that was very well kept, 28" dovetailed damascus barrels with a rib extension, Proofed in London, Full length rib with 1 standing & 1 folding rear sights that are sighted at 100 & 200 yards, Carved percussion style fences, Intercepting safety sear locks by John Stanton & Son Lockmaker (John Stanton was the inventor and Patentee of the Stanton rebounding gunlock), The locks remain in excellent condition, A frontal Anson forend release, Steel engraved grip cap, Double lined shadowline cheekpiece, Sling eyes, 14 1/2" LOP over a checkered steel buttplate, 10 lbs. 8 oz., Excellent figured wood with excellent fiddleback & deep black/brown color & contrast, 90% coverage of classic period fine scroll engraving, The barrels rebrowned in London before coming to these shores and now retain 95% brown with perfect striking and all legends remain as sharp as day one, No case colors remain but with a very nice patina, The butt & forend reoiled in London before coming to the U.S. and remains at 99%, The checkering is 100%, The butt and forend is very solid, The bores are very good to near excellent with sharp rifling the entire way, The whole is cased in a brass cornered oak & leather trunk that I believe is original with a nice set of vintage tools, The trade label appears original, The Medallion on the lid is engraved "H. H. Fateh Singh Maharana of Udaipur 1887". There is a target with the gun, a 4-shot group at 1", another 4-shot group at 1 1/2" using 68 grains of H4198 and a 475-grain bullet. Dreams of tigers and ships and palaces, fine spices and women and silk.

Maharana Fateh Singh of Udaipur was born December 16, 1849 and passed away May 24, 1930. He was 32 years old when he began his reign of 46 years of the Mewar Dynasty. He was considered a keen sportsman and enjoyed all the manly sports and was considered a daring huntsman. It was reported that he killed at least a thousand tigers. There is a massive library of history about Fateh Singh with dozens and dozens of photos that go with the gun.

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