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BLAND, THOMAS - 577 3" BLACK POWDER EXPRESS - EXCELLENT BORES - VERY SOLID UNDERLEVER REBOUNDING HAMMER RIFLE - 28" STEEL BARRELS - Extremely Solid Wood - 11 Lbs. 12 Oz. - Presently 15" LOP - Still Has 20% Original Case Colors

Style: Caliber: Price:
Double Rifle 577 3" BPE $7,250.00

#14030, T. (Thomas) Bland & Sons, 430 West Strand, London: A Thomas Bland & Sons 577 3" Black Powder Express Henry Jones Rebounding Hammer Underlever Double Rifle, Made about 1895, 28" steel barrels with a Rib Extension Dolls Head, Full rib with 1 standing rear sight, Rebounding hammers, Birmingham proved, 3" chambers, Percussion style fences, Dolphin style hammers, Full length trigger guard tang to a round pistol grip, Lever release forend tiedown, Extremely solid and sound wood with nice color, No cheekpiece, Sling eyes, Presently 15" LOP over a 1" pad with a 1/4" spacer (We will replace this ugly set-up), It will go 14 3/4" LOP with a fresh 1" pad, 11 lbs. 12 oz., No engraving, The original & honest barrel blue remains at 85% but there is scattered surface blemishes but no pits with any depth, The barrel striking is excellent, This piece has 20% original case colors remaining with a very nice patina, The breech face is excellent and totally free of any primer burn at the striker holes, The stock finish is at 85% and appears unfinished, The original checkering is sharp and remains at 90%, The bores and chambers are absolutely excellent and shine almost like new, The rifling is sharp and square from throat to muzzle, It is tight as a drum and the dolls head fits like it did from day one, The inletting is excellent, All the screws remain in excellent shape.

Thomas Bland & Sons were founded in 1840 in Birmingham and expanded to 106 Strand in London in 1872. In 1900 they moved to 2 King William Street, Strand in London. This durable firm remained in business all these years, an incredible run from muzzle loaders to modern sporting guns. Thomas Bland & Sons Gunmakers Ltd. is to this day a viable firm, registered both in the UK and the USA and can be found on this side of the pond at

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