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HEYM 500 3" NITRO EXPRESS MODEL 88B SAFARI (NOT a PH MODEL) - 40% ENGRAVING - ZEISS 1.5 x 6 - 24" EJECTOR BARRELS - BOLSTERED FRAME - OVERALL a 98% GUN - Double Triggers - 10 Lbs. 10 Oz. & 11 Lbs. 15 Oz. - 14 7/8" LOP - Bores are as New - 1/4 Rib with Express Sights - Factory Claw Mounts & Scope

Style: Caliber: Price:
Double Rifle 500 3" N E $18,250.00

#82115, Heym 500 3" Nitro Express Model 88B Safari (Not Their Current PH Model), Made 1990, Made with their Anson Type Action with Overhead Sears, Safety sears and a Greener type crossbolt action body. The piece is with 24" Ejector Shoe Lump barrels with 1/4 rib and 1 standing & 3 folding rear sights, Factory claw mounts, A Zeiss 1.5 - 6x42 rail mounted (The only way to fly) scope factory installed, Double triggers with the front articulated, Bolstered frame, Scalloped action back, Cocking indicators, Locking screws on key screws, Disengageable ejectors with the slide on the bottom of the forend at the knuckle, Semi beavertail forend, Shadowline cheekpiece, Sling eyes, 14 7/8" LOP over a 1 5/16" soft pad, 10 lbs. 10 oz. without the scope and 11 lbs. 15 oz. with the scope, 40% hand cut engraving coverage, Decent wood with excellent grain layout for years of tough use, The original barrel blue is at 97%, The frame finish at 99%, The original stock finish at 98%, The checkering remains at 99%, The bores are like the day it left the factory in Germany. In the field of current double rifles, the Heym is only one of two that our shop feels comfortable with to go the course with reliability and function over the long haul of serious shooting and African hunting.

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