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KRIEGHOFF 375 FLANGED MAGNUM - MODEL CLASSIC BIG FIVE - ADJUSTABLE BARRELS for REGULATION - 23 5/8" EXTRACTOR BARRELS - OVERALL 98% CONDITION - PRESENTLY 15 3/4" LOP - 10 Lbs. 4 Oz. - Top Tang Cock/De-Cock Safety System - Double Triggers with the Front Articulated - The Bores as New

Style: Caliber: Price:
Double Rifle 375 Flanged Magnum $9,950.00

#020611, Krieghoff 375 Flanged Magnum N. E. Model Classic Big Five SxS Double Rifle, Made in 2003, 23 5/8" Extractor Barrels with a 1/4 rib, 1 standing rear sight, Removable rear block in the 1/4 rib for a scope mount or red dot sight, Double triggers with the front articulated, Top tang cock/de-cock system sliding safety, Adjustable barrels so you can regulate them as desired, Nickel-plated action and triggers, 15 3/4" LOP over a 1 1/4" Kick-Eez pad with an additional 1/4" spacer, Remove all that and install a 1" pad and the LOP will be 15 3/16", Or with a 1/2" pad it will be 14 11/16", 10 lbs. 4 oz., Schnabel forend, Deeley & Edge pull-down forend release, Shadowline cheekpiece, Sling eyes, Palm swell for the right hand on the grip, The original barrel blue at 99%, The stock finish at 98%, The checkering at 100%, The bores are as new, It remains as tight as new. Kynoch and Norma have loaded ammo and Nosler did offer it at one time. Bertram and Hornady offer brass for reloading.

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