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C&H 8 BORE - COGSWELL & HARRISON - A MASSIVE SIDELOCK TOPLEVER HAMMERLESS 8 BORE EXPRESS FULLY RIFLED DOUBLE - REMAINS in EXCELLENT SOLID CONDITION - 17 Lbs. 3 Oz. - 28" Damascus Barrels - Top Tang Safety Plus Each Lock Has a Sliding Safety Bolt - Excellent Bore Condition - 50% Engraving Coverage - Completed July 1880

Style: Caliber: Price:
Double Rifle 8 Bore $25,000.00

#10354, 8 Bore Cogswell & Harrison, 142 New Bond Street, London: A Massive 17 Lb. 3 Oz. Back Action Sidelock Toplever Centerfire Double Underlug Double Bite Triplex Locking 8 Bore Express Double Rifle, Completed July 26, 1880 for a Mr. Harvey and he collected it on September 28, 1880 along with a consecutive number C&H 577 built to the same specifications, The barrels are 28" Extractor Damascus fully rifled with 12 groove rifling with a Scott rib extension Third Bite; The action body is a William M. Scott and Thomas Baker Patent #761, that # stamped on the flats, which incorporates cocking rods that run diagonally through the action body, these rods engage projections on the barrel flats at the front lump which pull the rods forward and cocks the tumblers as the gun is opened, I have seen this cocking mechanism on Holland & Holland and other Cogswell & Harrison toplever guns, The action has the Thomas Perkes design with the Dip Edge sidelock plates, The 28" barrels with a flat hand matted full length rib, 1 standing & 1 folding platinum lined sights, London proof marks, Top tang safety plus each lock has a sliding safety bolt to secure each lock, This is quite handy to keep it from a double discharge, 50% engraving coverage of fine scroll, Full length trigger guard tang to a horn grip cap, Extremely solid and sound wood with very nice color, Shadowline cheekpiece, Sling eyes, Lever forend release with a large mortise inside that fits a large projection at the front of the barrel flats for excellent forend security, Stock length at 14 1/4" LOP over a 1" Silvers pad, Great 8 Bore weight at 17 Lbs. 3 Oz., This is a full rifled set of barrels and the bores remain excellent and I would put both of them at an 8 out of 10 from the day they were rifled, All the screws are in very good to excellent shape and nearly everyone lays north & south, The barrels professionally rebrowned and now remain at 95%, Fresh case colors that remain at 98%, The wood re-oiled and remains at 97%, The checkering is at 97%, The whole is cased in a modern leather trunk with several accessories including snap caps with Cogswell & Harrison head stamp. Included are 8 fired brass cases with the C&H head stamp. This is an interesting 8 bore with a toplever hammerless action that was and still today a true 17 Lb. 3 Oz. Big Bore Express rifle from a bygone era. This gun was built as a very heavy 10 bore with the 28" barrels, then on May 22, 1882, it was returned to C&H to be upgraded to an 8 bore. The factory letter states that on May 6, 1893, the records indicate it was unclear if work was done on the existing barrels or if a new set of 8 bore barrels were added. My personal feelings are that it got a new set of 8 bore barrels. Mr. Harvey in 1880 paid 42 Guineas for it plus 6 Guineas for custom and specific features. Back then, that was close to $500 U. S. dollars.

Here is another mark relative the Al Gore/ John Kerry (Both Progressive Loo-zers) scale of Earth friendly guns. Goofy Algore is the absolute Dean of the School of Planetary Analysis and Eco-Evangelism. John Kerry is the special presidential envoy for climate. With this turbocharged gun the National Climate Assessment group is convinced this piece is a climate changer. This gun has a serious climate problem and is not carbon neutral, it is not Earth friendly as it will emit a lot of greenhouse gases, nitrous oxide, methane, carbon dioxide and will leave a large trailing cloud of carbon. While substantial amounts of CO2 enter the atmosphere through natural processes, shooting these big bores is becoming a real problem. If you shoot this gun a lot, you will need to buy carbon credits to offset the inevitable high carbon emissions. Plus, you will need to carry the large 8 bore cartridges in an eco-bag, so you do not have to use plastic grocery bags, use your own chopsticks instead of disposable ones, buy power-efficient light bulbs and other measures to offset this 8 bore greenhouse gas emissions. If you shoot this piece a lot, in good conscience you will need to plant a tree. One of the most popular pieces of “evidence” that climate alarmists just love to bring up to prove the global warming narrative is the “all the ice is melting in the Arctic and the polar bears are dying” line. We have all seen the documentaries where a polar bear is desperately clinging to a tiny piece of ice, and you just know he is going to die soon. You might need to join The Paris Climate Accord with the United Nations as they are dealing with greenhouse-gas-emissions. Oh my!

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