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AAA - THE IDEAL REVOLVER for the EXTREME LIBERAL of the LEFT WING of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY - A Complete Shooting Device for Real Change - The Total Tool for the Expressive Individualist Left Wing Liberal

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Handguns 38 to 44 Mag. $999.99

In this current political climate we have an extreme Left Wing Liberal running for President of this great land that said it is time for real change. The movers and shakers of this progressive wing of the Democratic Party are ducking the hard decision of gun control or any law banning the sale of handguns. They are falsely leaving the impression that gun control is not an issue and deceptively playing to the electorate. Well, this certainly means they have come to terms with handguns and have finally figured out they can carry a handgun because a cop is too heavy. We now have the complete shooting device for real change and Liberals will flock to purchase this wind-in-their-face revolver. No matter where they go or what they do; they live their entire life within the confines of their head. For these Liberals life can only be understood backward, but it must be lived forward. We can now show them if there's a gun around, they can be the one controlling it. What a grand piece of equipment!


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