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COLT 45 AUTO MODEL MK IV SERIES 70 GOLD CUP NATIONAL MATCH - 1981 - APPEARS UNFIRED - 5" BARREL - ELLIASON ADJUSTABLE SIGHT - One Owner Gun Bought to be Put Away - Blue Finish - Adjustable Stop Trigger - Target Hammer - Walnut Grips

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Handguns 45 Auto $1,975.00

#10795N70, Colt MK IV / Series 70 Gold Cup National Match 45 Auto, Made in 1981, A one owner gun that appears unfired, 5" Accurizor barrel & bushing, The slide is ribbed with very fine grooves, Elliason adjustable for windage & elevation rear sight, Wide grooved skeleton trigger with an adjustable stop, Target serrated hammer, Blue finish, Checkered walnut grips, In the box with the correct paperwork but  the serial # on the box sleeve does not match, The blue is 99%, Bought new about 1981 and put away, This piece along with several other S&W's and Colts were bought by a gentleman in the early to mid-70's and the early 80's with the full intention of putting them away until now. They all were one owner guns and stored properly.

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