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COLT 22 L. R. HUNTSMAN MODEL - MADE in 1958 - 4 1/2" BARREL - BARREL BLUE at 96% - FRAME and SLIDE BLUE at 97% - THE BORE is NEW - Synthetic Checkered Grips - The Huntsman Model Was Offered by Colt from 1955 to 1977

Style: Caliber: Price:
Handguns 22 Long Rifle $525.00

#125427-C, Colt 22 L.R. Huntsman Model Made in 1958, 4 1/2" barrel, All correct markings on the entire gun including magazine, Synthetic checkered grips, Fixed sights, Smooth trigger face, The top frosted for glare, Total original blue, The barrel blue at 96%, The frame and slide blue at 97%, The grips are 99%, The bore is new.

Why does anyone need to own more ammunition than their guns can hold? For the same reason we don't buy toilet paper by the square. When it gets messy, you want to be prepared.

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