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BROWNING BELGIUM GRADE V - FELIX FUNKEN ENGRAVED - 1951 CLASSIC - TOTALLY ORIGINAL & REMAINS in 97% CONDITION - Original European Browning Trunk Case - Original Skeet II & Mod. Chokes - Very Nice Wood - 7 Lbs. 5 Oz. - Great Stock Dimensions at 14 3/8 x 1 5/8 x 2 3/4"

Style: Caliber: Price:
Shotgun Over and Under 12 Bore $5,900.00

#21519, Browning Grade V 12 Bore Engraved & Signed by Master Felix Funken built in 1951 with 26 1/2" Vent Rib barrels, .727 .010 & .017" (Skt.II & Mod.), Browning factory marked Skt.II & Mod., 2 3/4" chambers, Single selective trigger, First quality split extractor bodies, Grade V engraving with the Pheasants on the left & Ducks on the right, Both sides are signed by Funken, Round knob / long tang stock at 14 3/8 x 1 5/8 x 2 3/4" over the Browning buttplate, 7 lbs. 5 oz., St. Louis barrel address, The original barrel blue is 98%, The engraving has never been brushed and remains at 98-99%, The original wood finish is at 96%, The checkering remains at 99%, The bores are excellent and look like they did in 1951. The gun is cased in the original 1951 trunk that is seldom ever seen in the U.S. and has the "FN" & "Browning" stampings on the locks. The Grade V was the highest grade offered by Browning until 1957 when they came out with the Grade VI for a smooth $1000. This all original Funken Grade V is totally original and remains to this day at 97% overall condition.

You were the big dog on Campus in 1956, your dad owned the Chrysler/Plymouth dealership in town, he spoiled your young butt and gave you a 56 Plymouth Fury; it was 18 feet of fins and chrome. This piece of Plymouth personal luxury would go 110 mph and you pressed the envelope several times. You melted a lot of tread with the skinny bias-ply tires and the 240-horsepower "Hy-Fire" 303 cubic inch V8. The dealership paid $2300 for the Plymouth and dad bought in 1952 for himself Browning Grade V #21519 for $615. You knew the Fury was the car to own and to be seen in, but you rolled it and sent it to the bone pile in late 1958. The Plymouth is long gone but now is your chance to buy Dad's gun and grace your gun cabinet with a family treasure. If only guns could talk!

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