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HOENIG 20 BORE REVOLUTIONARY ROTARY ROUND ACTION O/U - TOTAL SIMPLICITY, DURABILITY, STRENGTH & FUNCTION - TYPICAL TOP DRAWER HOENIG WORKMANSHIP & CRAFTSMANSHIP - Unbelievable Rigidity - S7 Tool Steel with 320,000 psi Tensile Strength - Comes to the Hand with Ease & Points Like a Dream

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Shotgun Over and Under 20 Bore $28,000.00

#66, George Hoenig Rotary Round Action Revolutionary O/U Double 20 Bore, George Hoenig is the designer of the strongest ingenious engineered sporting gun in the world, This unique shotgun is made from S7 air hardening tool steel that has a tensile strength of 320,000 psi; You turn the barrels a 1/4 turn right, This disengages two massive locking lugs, Slide them forward 1 1/8" to expose the hinge plate and the barrel weight allows them to move downward easily, This motion activates the extractor that lifts the fired cases an inch from the chambers, You reverse that to the left to close the smooth action, It has large locking lugs that connect the breech and barrels with total rigidity, It is with 28" solid rib extractor barrels, .619 .006 & .015" (Imp.Cyl. & Mod.), 2 3/4" chambers, Bushed strikers with firing pins that are in line with the bores, Double triggers, A rotary safety that cams back the strikers and blocks them, 2 piece forend to each side of the barrels with point pattern checkering, Open pistol grip stock, 14 5/16 x 1 9/16 x 2 1/4" LOP over a 3/4" pad, It will go 14 9/16" with a 1" pad, Slight cast-off for the right hand, 6 lbs. 4 oz., Nice wood with nice color, Very well cut engraving by Owen Bartlett with about 40% coverage, The original barrel blue at 99%, The action finish at 98%, The original wood finish at 95% with handling marks only, The bores are as new. This is total simplicity, durability, strength and function. The 100's of thousands of everyday normal doubles open around a hinge pin below the barrels and lock below the line of their barrels. When fired the force is against the breech well above the locking point. Eventually they all shoot loose and come off the face of the breech. That can’t happen to the Rotary Round Action, because its locking lugs are equal above and below its barrels. I challenge anyone to shoot this design loose, I don't care how many times you fire it. There is approximately 78 Round Action guns and rifles in existence, and I don't believe there will be anymore.

In the 1960's George Hoenig worked for Pachmayr and a stint at Weatherby. The American custom rifle & shotgun stockers soon became aware of his influence when he built the incredible stock duplicating machine that held tolerances of .0005". The genius of George Hoenig started building these Rotary Round Actions in the early 1990's. His first was a very neat Vierling in 20 x 20 x 5.6-50R & 22 L.R. His shop built them in 20, 28 or 410 shot barrels, combination rifle & shot barrels or a big bore in 450 N.E. Everyone I have seen displays immaculate workmanship, finesse and mechanics that draw attention in every gun circle anywhere on this planet. The toughest, most versatile, hard-core watch in the world is a Timex Ironman, but wearing one of these ugly timepieces makes you look like a substitute gym teacher, this gun makes you look like an astute advanced gun owner. There are double shotguns and then there are serious double shotguns. For unabashed hunting pleasure, this gun is much more than a shooting device.

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