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BELGIUM 12 BORE O/U SIDELOCK EJECTOR - 1937 - SOLD by PIRLET ARMURIERS in PARIS - 29 1/4" SOLID RIB BARRELS - NEAR EXHIBITION WOOD - L. SMEETS ENGRAVED - Quadruple Lock-Up w/ Double Underlugs, Double Bite & Double Top Lugs - 97% Engraving Coverage - Only 6 Lbs. 13 Oz.

Style: Caliber: Price:
Shotgun Over and Under 12 Bore $4,900.00

#6947, Pirlet Armuriers, Paris: A Unique Belgium Made O/U Back Action Sidelock Ejector 12 Bore Game Gun Made in 1937, Sold by Pirlet in Paris, 29 1/4" Ejector Acier Steel Barrels with a solid rib, Belgium Nitro proved with 2 1/2" chambers, Double underlugs with double bite, Double lug hidden third bite, The bores at .731 .009 & .017" (Imp.Cyl. & Mod.), Original 2 1/2" chambers, Correct wall thickness at .026" on the bottom barrel & .025" on the top as it has correct bores & original barrel finish, Double triggers with the front articulated, 3 piece forend, Straight hand stock at 14 1/4 x 1 11/16 x 2 3/8" over a 1" removable leather pad, Neutral stock, 6 lbs. 13 oz., A near Exhibition piece of wood with excellent black/brown contrast, 97% coverage of period scroll & floral engraving by L. (Leonard) Smeets and signed accordingly, L. Smeets engraved a lot of high grade guns in this era for the likes of Francotte, Lebeau Courally, Cordy and many others, It retains 99% case colors, The barrel blue at 96% plus, The buttstock and forend remain at 96%, The checkering remains at 98%, The barrels inside & out remain in excellent plus condition without a ding or pit to be found, It is cased in a modern generic trunk. This piece is smack on the face and tight as a tick. With the quadruple lock-up with the double underlugs and the double top lugs it should go the course. It has a fairly deep action because of the double underlugs but still comes out at 6 lbs. 13 oz. This piece points like a dream and comes to hand with nice balance and ease. It has gold plated internal parts, the triggers are excellent and the ejectors function very smartly.

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