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BORE GAUGE - 4 GAUGE SET from 12 to 410 - PRECISION & ACCURATE INSTRUMENT - COMES in a NICE WOODEN CASE - A MUST if YOUR SERIOUS - Micrometer Set for 12 - 20 - 28 - 410 - Can Add 16 Ga. and 10 Ga. Heads to Make it a 6 Gauge Set - It Lasts Forever

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Shotgun Over and Under 12-20-28-410 $598.00

Custom Shooting Products 4 Gauge Bore Micrometer set in a very nice wooden case. The best bore gauge on the market. It is a precision instrument to measure shotgun chokes and bores. It will pick up bulges, kinks, dents etc. Measures chamber length as well. Can add 10 and 16 gauge heads to this tool. If you are a serious shotgunner this tool is necessary as most yahoo gun dealers do not measure bores nor do they give a shit or do they ever tell you. Notice our web descriptions are complete with bore and choke constrictions. The tool is necessary as every marked factory choke is tighter than labeled. Most screw chokes are tighter than marked. Trust me, I have measured thousands of bores and chokes. This instrument makes you a better buyer and a much better shooter. It will pay for itself the first time you use it. It travels easily with the wood case and all your shooting friends will bug you to measure their guns, makes you look like a professional. The only problem is professionals get paid and are taken seriously. But seldom do they reach in their pocket. Hence, what is holding you back from being a professional?

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